New Blog Up and Running

Hi! OMG … I went crazy and pretty much just did blog stuff nonstop.  But it’s up.

I transferred all my Mouthwatering Morsel stuff over to the new blog. Took trail and error since I had SO much stuff but …

Mouthwatering Morsel is now called …


Al Forno Mementos

Head over to my new site, click on my about melissa. to find out what the new blog name means.

Check it out, and don’t forget to UPDATE YOUR BLOG READERS!

It’ll be sad losing all my readers and stats but it’ll be worth it in the end.

I’ve gotten a new twitter ( and email address ( And even got a Facebook page which isn’t done yet (

Still slowly updating EVERYTHING. But most of my stuff is up and running. Please check it out! Follow. Like it. Etc.

Let me know what you think.

Happy Thursday, y’all!

New Domain Coming Soon



Two posts in one day. Seriously. If I was to quit my job and just blog, I think I totally can. Not that I would be able to make money off of it since my posts aren’t bomb diggity like other people. Meaning I don’t have fun content like other people.

I’m currently sitting at Cloud Cafe. Where else … I’ve done absolutely nothing today but chop up some vegetables for my family’s dinner … and shop. And when I say shop I mean going to the bookstore for over 2 hours and various cheap stores buying things I don’t need.

Which might have been a mistake because … I’ve taken the plunge and bought my domain and self hosting!



All through HostGator since it seemed like the best for me right now and super recommended by Rachael from Happy Healthy Runner. She is amazing.

It was hefty on my bank account but I think it’ll be worth it. Gah … if I’d known I was going to do this so soon, I would have definitely NOT gone shopping. But I’m so so excited.

Once everything is set up for the site (transfer and design (maybe) … etc), I will shout it to the world let you all know so you guys can keep up with me there since it’s a new blog name and everything. Starting new … but not really. I’ve just outgrown this blog name I have now.



Everything is SO overwhelming right now so if anyone has any idea how to do this and would like to help I welcome you. I’m obviously TOO POOR to pay anyone to help me now.

If you have any tips for me as well … much appreciated.

What was I thinking …

Mini Staycation



Howdy Lovely Doodies! Weird seeing such an early post from me right?

But Guess What Guess What! I took today and tomorrow off work! And seeing how I automatically get this Friday off, it is PERFECT! Hello 5 day weekend! 😉

Everyone at work asked where I was going and to my reply … nowhere. Cuz who has money to go places nowadays. I’m still excited though except I don’t have much planned out. Just thought I’d relax and hang out with whoever wants to see me.

Today is ME day. Shopping. Could Cafe. Straight up nothing. I don’t even know yet but it’s just whatever I want.



Tomorrow I have a lunch date and happy hour set up with friends.

Friday if all goes according to plan, I will be going to Kemah for the first time. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ve been wanting to check it out.

But if anything falls through I’d probably just go to Cloud Cafe and do some blog work or shop and be a super lazy vegetable in front of a telly. Sounds like a plan.

Mum said I’ll have a stalker one day since I go to Cloud Cafe so much. *sigh* Worry wart. But if that does happen, she’d probably say I told you so. Oh, mothers. Don’t she know I already had a few stalkers in my time?



This post was written in advanced so right now I’m probably still sleeping while you’re reading this. I usually wake up no later than 5am on work days so you can see how much I’m already loving it.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Change In My Future – More School?


Cloud Cafe-ing. I’ve made that a word. Currently sipping on an Iced Hibiscus Raspberry Tea. It has a peculiar taste that I’m not use to. I’ll try anything once even though I’m not a fan of raspberry. But it’s not bad. Just very strange for my palette that I’ll have to get use to.



I don’t like that there are MORE people coming in now. I mean yay they’re getting business but now they’re in my area. One girl even dared to sit in MY seat so now I’m in a seat where I can stare at her with disgust. The nerve of some people.



Pretty much how I feel about my seat. *sigh*

Went out with Tim, Sarah, and June for Kenson’s birthday celebration. He’s the youngest cousin I have in the States so it’s a little weird taking him out on his 21st birthday and getting drinks. Everyone is so grown up now. Next thing you know we’ll be celebrating one of my niece’s/nephew’s 21st!


One of the gorgeous views at work.

I’ve been contemplating on other things than just changing up my blog (which might take a while to happen now that I realize how much work I have to prepare for it). I might be going back to school. I cannot fully quit my job since well I’m poor. But I’m searching for some online classes/degrees/programs and whatnot. I’ve found one I’m super interested in but we’ll have to see how that goes.

Cost and how many times I have to go drive/fly somewhere to take tests will be the deciding factor for me. Hopefully whichever one I chose, I’ll be able to follow through. I love learning and things are easy for me if someone teaches me how to do it but taking tests are the death of me – super huge anxiety. *eeeeeeeek*


Me with my British boss. He wanted to take one with the Union Jack! Guess pictures aren’t that fun when faces are blocked out, eh? Oh well.

Time to research about school stuff. Happy weekend loves!

British Men and Blog Things



Bear Grylls .. I can’t even begin to talk about how sexy he is. Ohhhh British men. You might know him from Man vs. Wild or the new NBC show, Get Out Alive. Watch it. He’s crazy and I love it!


Speaking of British men, here’s one of my bosses, who is from Britain, turning cowboy. So hilarious. The top part of his attire can totally pass but he needs blue jeans and cowboy boots for the bottom. Always fun times hanging out at my contractor company’s socials. Lots of laughter, food, and … beer. Had to block his face for obvious reasons.



Thinking up a new blog name is so much harder than I remembered. All the ones I wanted have been taken. Either I’m awesome at making up names or super unoriginal. I have a few lined up but I don’t know if it sounds too bleugh. Going to play with them a few more times and probably ask for some opinions before deciding because I will not be changing it ever again. Dun Dun Dunnnnnn …

Time to get ready for bed. That social lasted almost 4 hours. I am pooooooped.

Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts.

Changes Might Be Coming …

… in the future.

I’ve been sitting at Cloud Cafe for over 4 hours researching and getting confused.

Okay guys so this is what’s going on. I’ve been contemplating this A LOT and I think I’m truly ready to take the plunge. This blog might be changing soon from Mouthwatering Morsel to something different. Like a new blog title AND url because I feel I’ve grown from that. AND I might end up self hosting and all that jazz. I’ve emailed a few people for help so if it all goes well, it might just happen. Keep a lookout so you can still read my blog in the future if anything changes.



I don’t know who this dude is but if his words are truly from his heart, then my heart just melted. Is this real life? Or is he just saying it to get attention? Nonetheless, we need more guys like this in our lives.

Happy Sunday, y’all.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes …

… but I don’t think this heart was meant for this wish because I haven’t thought about it in years. I woke up to a crazy dream yesterday. I’ll try my best to remember it. These are my real life friends that showed up in my dream … and my mum. HA. But I only remember who the boy truly is which is so surprisingly weird to me.

Alpha = the boy
Beta = girlfriend of mine and sister of Alpha who in real life aren’t siblings
Charlie = other girlfriend of mine



So what happened was Alpha took me to an orchestra rehearsal and we were both on our laptops. He had to practice his solo with the orchestra so he pulls out his violin and started playing and la la la. Rehearsal was over. While he was packing up, he told Charlie that he liked me and wanted to tell me but was afraid. We all decide to go out for lunch at a restaurant underground. He tells Beta, Charlie, and I to go on ahead and get a table while he puts my laptop along with his own in his car.

Beta walks a few steps ahead of us and Charlie tells me Alpha likes me … a lot. And tells me I need to tell him the feeling is mutual. Upon walking, my mum gets off for lunch and bumps into us and gives us the 3rd degree asking us why we are downtown and the such. We start running away from her ending up underground and Beta twists her ankle and falls to the ground. As I help her out, she tells me I need to tell her brother how I feel or else, let him go.



Funny thing was, all I could remember was freaking out thinking I lost my laptop. Next thing I knew, I saw Alpha coming towards us and I wake up with my heart racing. Wondering what just happened. And telling myself … the laptop is in his car, dumbass.

I wonder how it was going to end and what it all means. *sigh* This makes my life seem so boring.



Got so much accomplished running errands yesterday and even met a stinkin’ cute guy at the UPS store. Made my famILY a Quinoa Chicken Salad. They seem to love it so yay! So pretty and colorful.




Not sure if y’all are aware of this whole Asian Flush being a red flag – no pun intended – for cancer risk. Check out the article. Luckily I don’t get the Asian flush when I drink … but that doesn’t mean I won’t have a cancer risk. Just a little FYI for y’all.

Talk to y’all soon!

Stay Positive & Think Good Thoughts.

Sweet Bliss

I wish every work week was only 3 days long … how much happier would the world be? Given not having everyone off at the same time cuz that’s just crazy. Having all day yesterday AND today off to do NOTHING is amazing. I feel much more refreshed and I’ve gotten SO much done than I’ve had in a long time. Oy … I make life seem so sad sounding.



A year ago today I was in my hometown seeing my Mum’s side of the family after not being back for almost 15 years. It’s surreal how much I could remember from when I was younger. I miss Mum’s side of the family and talk about all the fun I had last summer.

Hong Kong … I will see you again soon. Maybe 2015? Wait for me!


Before the fireworks.

I hope you all had a great Fourth! I got to see Samantha, Mallory, John, and Mallory’s Family for a good hour to watch fireworks near our house. I took an Instagram Vid … but it wouldn’t let me post it on here. LAME. Should of stuck with Vine.


Afterward, Samantha and I got hotdogs from Sonic. Apparently hotdogs are the definition of ‘merica. At least that’s what Samantha says. On the way back to my house we got stuck in traffic. Made use of our time and took selfies. Like her scarf? It’s an infinity scarf that I got her for her for part of her early birthday present.

I came home catching up on Pretty Little Liars. Rocky came upstairs (which he never does at night time) and is now sleeping on my bed. Love it since this show is TOO suspenseful.

It feels like the weekend is over and tomorrow should be Monday but I love that it’s only going to be Saturday!

Such sweet bliss.

Have a great weekend y’all!

La La La

^my titles are getting worse.

I saw some statistics that blogging at this time of day is bad for your blog. Reason is because you get less hits. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter when you blog as long as you do it and not fifty thousand times in one day.

I still don’t understand how people do it. Some post THREE times a day and it’s filled with information. It makes sense for those that blog full time or stay a homes but if you have a full time job, I really don’t understand.

Then there’s those people that have a SINGLE post that might as well be novels. Once in a while, it’s okay, but every time you post? Information overload. My brain is dead after work ends so processing that much info from a single post … it just doesn’t work out that well.



With that being said, if you haven’t noticed, Google Reader is no more. It’s a sad day for many of us but Feedly has been working brilliantly for me. Not much complaints. I work with what I have. So if you still need a new platform, give Feedly a try!

This week, although short, has been quite long. I’ve gotten so much done (work and personal) and I’m so proud of myself.

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Planners, Shayna, & Froyo

Happy month of July my Doodies!

I need help with my post titles. If anyone is holding classes, sign me up!

Can you believe half the year is already over?! Eeeeeeep! With that being said, new year resolutions aren’t going well as planned. Time to get back on track.

I’ve had my July workout schedule planned and have backups in case I can’t follow through with a longer workout. 21 days is the time it usually takes for your brain to get use to routine. Let’s get it dowwwwwn.



To help me with that, I’ve been searching for a new planner. I’m late but hopefully it’ll be okay. Researching has been done but it’s still up in the air. Should I drop down a billion bucks on an Erin Calderon Planner or a half a billion bucks on a Planner Pad? I could always go on Etsy and print off my own and put it into a small binder … but I like color and that would result me into buying a color printer. Then there’s the Uncalendar and the momAgenda. *sigh* Choices. Choices. My brain is going crazy.



I’ve been using my Google Calendar but I miss having the pages in my hand. I want to be able to touch it. Have more room to write random crap in. The organizer in me wants to see everything laid out in front of me. Sometimes I wish I was still in school so that I can have a busy looking planner. Weirdo alert. I know. Maybe I will go back to school one day. Hmm …


I got to see Shayna tonight at The Yogurt Spot. She was visiting her husband in Florida and was making her way back home in Austin and got to stop by my place so we could catch up. Great surprise and end of a long work day. Thank you overtime!

Two more days of work until my four day weekend. Bring it!

I hope you guys had a great Monday!