Tokyo One Sushi & Grill Buffet

Mum, June, and I went to:

Tokyo One Sushi & Grill Buffet
7465 W Greens Rd.
Houston, TX 77064
(281) 955-8898

last night. It was like a last dinner with family before heading back to college. Speaking of which, I just got in an hour or so ago and couldn’t wait to upload about last night!

I don’t know who that lady is. But hi! If you love seafood then you will LOVE this place. Here are dishes that I got at the buffet:

Raw oyster, mussel, clam, baked cheese oyster, jellyfish, squid, and fried crab. I was not a big fan of their raw oyster, and I love raw oysters. If they didn’t put that red stuff on the clam, I would like it. I believe it was some type of cocktail sauce. As for the fried crab, it was all flour. The crab itself was hard to get to because of all the flour so I gave up at the end.

This was my sashimi and sushi plate. My favorite thing on this plate is the eel sushi and the things on the lower right hand corner. I’m not sure what they are called in English, so if you know, let me know!

I got Udon. It’s a type of noodle. It was the right amount of chewiness and I rarely eat Udon. I would definitely get this again.

Another baked oyster (which I gave to Mum), green beans, fried rice, chow mien with potatoes, clams, tilapia, roast beef, a dumpling, and sea bass. The sea bass was to die for. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before, but that’s my go to fish now. Omg ….

This is half of an Alaskan crab. I disliked this a lot … I had to give it to Mum to finish. It was super salty and not much meat. All that work was not worth it. They’re expensive so if you love crab, do try it.

A slice of grapefruit, edamame, two cakes, and one cheesecake. The best thing on this dish? The red, white, and green cake. The red was some kind of jelly, white was some kind of cream jelly, and the green was some type of cake. Whatever it is, it is amazing.

Green Tea ice cream and Mango ice cream. You have to order ice cream. They had other flavors but we only got those flavors. The ice cream is so smooth. The Mango one is very fragrant!

The only big complaint I had was that the tables were VERY tiny. Only three of us went and we felt there wasn’t enough room for plates. Ridiculous? I think so. I felt that me going there was a waste of money. Each person costs $25 on Friday nights. But if you’re a big fan of seafood and love buffets, this is a place you have got to try!