Thai Dee Restaurant

Who loves Thai food?! I do! I do!

Jenny’s sister, Tammy, came down to visit so we including A.V. went to:

Thai Dee Restaurant
5307 Blanco Road
San Antonio, 78216
(210) 342 – 3622

Ain’t that fancy? Water in a wine glass …. with a straw. Cute.

Tammy ordered Crab Rangoons with Special Sauce. I felt there was too much cream cheese but then again I’m not a great fan of cheese but it was decent. I really liked their special sauce.

Jenny ordered Tom Kha. I’m not sure what’s in it other than there’s coconut juice. I’m not a fan of coconut but I couldn’t taste it in this. It was actually really good. I would go and order this again.

I ordered the Fried Wontons with Special Sauce. There wasn’t much meat and I wasn’t a big fan but the special sauce got me and made it delicious. I liked their wrapper though.

Jenny, Tammy, and I got the Pad Thai. Jenny got hers with tofu (very moist and delicious) while Tammy and I got the chicken. Mine and Tammy’s was dry and when I say dry, I don’t mean the chicken. I mean the whole plate. What?! It was not a good experience. I poured a lot of special sauce from my fried wontons on here. I did manage to finish it though.

A.V. got some kind of fried rice but I didn’t manage to get a picture or a taste. I’m pretty sure it was delicious.

If I ever want Thai food again, I don’t think I would choose this place. They have dim lighting and great atmosphere but the food was not up to par. Maybe we went on a bad night?

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