I’m A Total Fail!

So the first month of the year ends tonight and sadly I did not keep to my resolutions. Wow! I am a total fail! I was suppose to make two new dishes a month but I only ended up making one and eating out to many different places! So I am going to revise my resolution. Are you ready?

It’s to either make ONE new dish a month or make up for it in February or whatever month possible. I guess we shall have to see.

I do want to say though, two days ago, I actually made something. I had a dinner party for about twenty people thrown at my friend’s place and the menu was garlic bread, chicken pesto pasta, and brownies topped with vanilla ice cream. Everything went well but I didn’t get any pictures of the product and to me, it didn’t feel like I was making a brand new dish since it was so easy to make. So you see, maybe I didn’t break my resolutions? I guess it depends on how you see it.

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