Fish City Grill

Tammy came to visit on the 5th of March and we decided we want some crawfish.

Fish City Grill
Northwoods Shopping Center
U.S. 281 North/18130 San Pedro
Suite 104
San Antonio, TX 78232
(210) 495-6600

Mmm … an order of Oyster Nachos [tortilla chips with fried oysters, chipotle tartar sauce & topped with fresh pico de gallo]. If you aren’t sure of what to get, you have to get these for sure! They are an explosion in your mouth. I get it almost every single time I’m here.

This is the bucket they gave us for our crawfish trash. It smelled really metal.

Here is my 3 lb Crawfish. So delicious! They spice it up really well.

They also give you sides of potatoes and corn. I actually got more potatoes than that. I gave away one of my corns though. Sadly, they weren’t flavored well but it passed.

I love this place for oyster nachos. A must try!

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