Houston Rodeo

Technically this is not a Restaurant Review but .. oh well! If you’re from Houston, you have to have heard of the Houston Rodeo. It’s downtown and filled with booths filled with food and there’s livestock shows and performances.

We went on March 15th or 16th. Forgot since it was a while ago. It was me, brother, sissy, her bf, Brett, and my dad. We loved it so much we went again that Friday, the 18th. This time it was me, brother, mum, dad, and June.

We started with the Shrimp Dinner which came with fries and fried shrimp. I’m not a big fan of fried foods but this was pretty decent. The fries were mushy but crunchy at the same time. Win!

We then got three Turkey Legs. Yuck! Not a fan of that much meat. But they somehow finished it all. I got three bites in and didn’t want anymore.

Here is the Strawberry & Lime Swirl Margarita. It was for my mum and dad. I had one the other night. So yummy but I think it has too much alcohol. They don’t agree. Oh well.

FUNNEL CAKE!! So good. I always crave funnel cake but I never make it myself. Maybe I’ll do that one day. But this was so yummy. I ate half of it. Shared the other half with June. Ah …. I want some!! They have a lot of different toppings you can put with it but it costs money for every new topping.

Dippin’ Dots anyone? My brother wanted some and he got it. Terrible picture. He kept moving it around. This reminds me of Shlitterbahn days when we would go with the orchestra and get yummy dippin dots.

I pretty much come to carnivals for Caramel Popcorn. If you’ve never had any before, you’re missing out. Get a life! I want to learn to make this but it seems like a sticky situation. One day .. one day.

Suggest everyone to go to the Rodeo if you’ve never been.

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