Star Ice & Teriyaki

So after our family went on our day trip to Herman Park and then some, we went on to Bellaire for lunch:

Star Ice & Teriyaki
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

First up we have the #12 Beef Noodle Soup | $4.75. I’m not a big fan of noodles like these. It has a salty broth and the meat is very chewy. But I love the noodles. It has the right bounce to it. It’s one of their most known dishes so do try it.

Here we have the #29 Spicy Squid (Fried) | $3.00. I love this dish. I’m not a big fan of squid because it’s always so chewy but this is terrrific. It’s chewy but not as chewy as other squids are. The outside texture is crunchy but at the same time a little soft. Yum!

Here we have the#2 Beef Teriayaki | $4.28. First thought when they brought this out was … I’m not going to be full off of this. Boy was I wrong. Definitely enough food for one. I even shared some with the family.

Here is the #37 Spicy Chicken Nuggets | $3.00. Same as the squid along the taste type but the chicken inside is very moist. It goes really well with rice.

Although I’m not a fan of the beef noodle, I would come back here again for the spicy chicken and the spicy fried squid. It’s not my first choice though.

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