I Did It

As work piles up – at work, I realize I’m getting lazier and lazier with running.

It’s not like I’m giving up. It’s just – so tired that I don’t want to move.

So I would like to say that I DID IT! The C25K tonight was the same as Monday’s run. Simple huh?

I had the mindset that I was super tired. Little cramps in my calves developed and I told myself, it’s all in my head. It went away and the ache everywhere else started. And I told myself again, it’s all in my head. Sadly this didn’t go away but somehow, I got through it … somehow.

Only seven more days of running. Or two weeks and one day of running. Feels good to know I’m almost to the end. I’ve been deciding on what I want to buy to applaud myself since this journey started off to see if I can make it to the end without giving up. Not too sure what the product will be but do know something is going to be purchased!

I got home and made myself a delicious smoothie. It was the first time it was so thick that I needed a spoon. Reminds me of Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers and all her delicious looking smoothies and shakes!

Please excuse my disgusting, sweaty face. Mmmm .. so good. Oh and excuse the decor. I’m in my brother’s old room. He decorated that back in middle school when plastering your wall with crap was cool.

It was so dang icy … I got several brain freezes. Rest assure that I yelled a couple times. Frick Frick Mmm you so good Frick Frick!

Now I’m squeaky clean and cannot wait to unwind. Hello Chinese Soap Operas. (Yes, I am a fob.)

Don’t forget to give me ideas on my previous post about whats a good thing to giveaway!

One more day of work then it’s the weekend for me! Good Night!

*Edit: I was reading through my Google Reader. I came across Christy from Lift To Run and saw that she got her Fitness Magazine!

I ran downstairs and asked my mum if I got anything in the mail and lo and behold …

Serious cheesin’. Why is Julian Michaels on the cover? It’s not that I hate her but I don’t love her. I like seeing regular, non-famous girls on the cover, please.

Can’t wait to dig through this. Sadly I’ve been so busy I’m still working on last month’s.

Hump Day!

That might possibly be the first and last time I use that phrase … but don’t count on it since I don’t know what might happen in the future.

Everything has been going smoothly this morning.

Waking up 5 minutes later? Sweet!

Not having to pack my lunch box because of having a meeting during lunchtime and having food provided for us? I’m there!

No traffic? Score!

Software cooperating and not shutting down on me because of information overload? Check!

Until I went to the restroom. (I love my water!)

I found a hole. Yes, a hole. In my favorite work shirt (blouse?).

Thankfully it’s under my right armpit and it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a needle and thread.

Now if I can get through the day without lifting my arms …

I’ve been thinking of doing a give away when my 100th post comes around. Luckily, I’m only on post 70 something so I have a while to think about it.

I don’t have many readers – 3 tops? – so unless I gain some in the near future, one of those three would have a big chance of winning due to no competiton.

That is if they even comment to enter. Else I would have to keep the prize for myself and be sad that no one cares to comment for free things. 😉

I’m a poor college student so I’m not sure what’s a good thing to give away.

Ideas are welcomed.

Knock Off Nutella Spread

Do you know what I realized today on the way to the restroom at work? (TMI?)

I only have FOUR DAYS of work this week!! I always knew I got Friday off this week but it just hit me it’s only four days. And since two days already passed … only two left! Yay!!

Me in my working environment with my hair up. You see all those papers behind me? They’re not mine. I’m in my former supervisor’s room. She’s off for maternity leave and since setting up a new office takes time, they gave me hers for the summer. Sahweet. It’s an honor to be rooming next to a really cute guy. 😉

So I always talk about Nutella Knock-off and realized I never showed you what it was … so here it is!

Pralinutta Duo. It’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread just like Nutella! I think it has vanilla swirl with mine. They also have the plain chocolate and the strawberry with vanilla.

I don’t know if it’s healthier than Nutella but I do know that it has less calories and it’s cheaper! 😀


I’m planning on doing some strength training soon but I have to research first.

Do you know any good strength training moves that help tone? How many days a week should this be done?

It’s Only Tuesday …

… and I’m already doggone tired.

I think all those years of sleeping one to two hours is catching up to me. All I want to do now is sleep, sleep, sleep.

But I can’t!!

Good thing I have Friday off. Hopefully I can sleep in!

How do you stay awake?! I need tips and I need them stat!

I’m in my office with the lights off in hopes to trick the A.C. into thinking I’m not here at all so it’ll stop blowing. I think it’s working.

Or maybe it’s because I’m holding a cup of hot, hot, hot green tea. Delightful.

Mondays Mondays

What a boring title. I couldn’t think of a good one. 😦

Mmm … so this was my breakfast. Yogurt, blueberries, and honey nut cheerios. Delicious. I was super awake after eating this. Sadly I have no more blueberries. 😦

I painted my ugly nails Friday night. Pretty disco pink. That’s not the name of the polish … just what I named it. Not too sure why I picked this color. Guess it’s easier than a bright color that gets everywhere?

We had a meeting where they gave us free lunch! YUM!! It came from Hungry’s. They had sandwiches, wraps, or salads. I chose the salad with a pita bread and fruit. I made a lot of noise. Crunch Crunch. 😀

But by the end of the meeting … which was two hours long .. my polish was gone. Pick Pick. :-/ Now I painted it clear. So much better looking. I like natural colors. 😉

I was so tired but excited to go run my C25K tonight. June had the week off from work and bought crawfish!! Yummms!! I love crawfish!! With potatoes and corn.

I was too stuffed to run so I waited a good two hours. Longest two hours and I was still stuffed but I had to go run. It was now or never. So C25K: Week 7 – Run 1

Warm up 5, Run 25, Cool down 5

I was so laggy and I blame it on the crawfish! But it’s so delicious. I love crawfish (in my tummy)! So I can’t blame them.

Ten minutes into the run I got really tired. My legs started to cramp so I ran a little bit faster … which surprisingly felt better. Weird.

I thought the run would be easier. Think being lazy all weekend messed me up. Gotta pick it up!

Time for telly before bed! Hope you guys had a good Monday!!

Lazy Weekends

I had a lot of plans this weekend. Friends from San Antonio came in and I met up with …

None of them.



For some reason I think this was hang-out-with-Melissa-week. Everyone either texted, called, Facebooked, Twittered, etc. to ask if I was free to hang out this weekend.

Sadly, I wasn’t. I had plans Friday for Ed’s Birthday Celebration.

Then Saturday was pretty much hang out with family day.

So after five groups asking me if I was free .. I ended up only hanging out with one. I am a lousy friend but I already had plans! So .. not my fault?

Today I hung out with the fam again. (Everyone had pretty much had to go to Church or leave back to San Antonio.) My mum wanted Cici’s Pizza (yuck!) so we went. Then we went to borrow a movie from Redbox. We ended up getting three and watched them in this order … in one sitting. (We’re so lazy!)

The Roommate is about a girl starting college and getting a psycho roommate. Title is pretty self explanatory.

It was not as great but it wasn’t terrible. It was pretty suspenseful (for me since I’m a baby!) but you pretty much know what was going to happen next. Seems like all movies are like this nowadays.

The thing that made this movie so great were these two boys.

Matt Lanter and Cam Gigandet

Freak of a nature drool.

Waiting For Forever is about a boy and a girl (like pretty much all movies). They grow up living separate lives and the boy pretty much stalks her everywhere and finally gets the courage to ask her out.

It’s a slow movie but it’s also very touching. It’s pretty much like a real life story. None of that glitter and bam. It just reminded me of childhood love. It’s a cute little love story.

As for Tangled, a princess that has magical hair and gets kidnapped from her room when she was a baby.

It was a very funny story. And like almost all Disney movies, the girl gets everything she’s ever dreamed of and more. It kind of reminded me of Beauty in the Beast with all that magical flower and stuff.

I am now super tired but can’t go to bed yet because then I won’t be able to wake up for work tomorrow. Hmm … what to do? What to do?

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?!


Never give up …

… no matter how tired you are.

I came home around 3:30pm. Thank goodness. I ate dinner early since I was going out to eat again. I knew I would be hungry if I ate later anyway since I planned to run after the celebration.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? Yep … I’m making it up because I was just simply hungry.

Sunny side up eggs on a bed of spinach, bagel thin with Nutella knockoff spread, a handful of jalapeno chips (so not healthy!). So good.

Small sweet potato with yogurt. Yum!

Yeahh … that’s a lot of food even if I was going out to eat again. But it was so good.

Then I took a nap. 😉

When 7:30pm rolled around I got ready for my friend, Ed’s birthday. It was just me and the boys (Ed, Ryan, Daniel). Just how I liked it. Sadly John was missing. 😦 Next time, next time.

We had dinner at:

2706 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX
(713) 524-1700

As all Mexican places have it, Chips and Salsa. Yum!! We had another basket of chips and bowl of salsa. That’s how yummy it was!

Mmm .. sounds good to me! Thanks Chuy’s! 😀

Our food came very quickly. I got the Soft Tacos [two tacos with lettuce, cheese, pico, and your choice of ground sirloin, grilled chicken, or carne guisada. (Also available with guacamole instead of meat for a vegetarian option). Tacos served with rice and reffried or charro beans] | $8.47. I don’t think it’s the same as the menu I saw since this came from the take out menu. It was very delicious. I was so full afterward. I left the cheese on my plate but ate everything else. Delicious.

I would love to come here again and am happy that they have opened one in Katy! It’s so close to home! Yay!

We went to Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub. Yay!

If you look on the bottom left hand corner, you can see a drink. I bought it for my friend, Ryan, since it seemed he was having a bad day. (He went to the wrong Chuy’s.) Apparently the drink is called Sex on Baker Street. He liked it. I didn’t drink. I felt like puking from all that greasy food.

And I want it so damn badly. So I came home to rest a little bit then changed and started my C25K: Week 6 – Run 3.

Warm up 5, Run 25, Cool down 25

I debated for the longest time if I should suck it up and run … so I did. I kept saying in my head, this is the last one for the week. Why give up now?! So .. I went and conquered.

Luckily my arch didn’t hurt so that’s good. I seriously love longer runs than intervals. When can I stop doing intervals?! 😦

I came home and almost passed out on the floor. That’s how tired I was.

My boys (the ones I was hanging out with previously for the birthday celebration) went to a laser tag lock-in. I chose running over that. I must be going crazy.

Time to relax. Weekend is here!

Oh … head over to Fit Chick Britt. She’s asking for pictures of you sporting the make up free look for her future post!!

I Love No Traffic Fridays!

What? It’s Friday?! Yep … the roads told me so.

I woke up thirty minutes late today for work. Given this is my day off, I decided to switch this Friday with next Friday so into work I go. And I wasn’t even late.

I think my body knows that it’s Friday and there won’t be any traffic. Hence letting me sleep in. Thanks body!

Not a lot of people in the office today. Hence this picture of me in the office. You wanna see what I was working on a few minutes before lunch?

Yeah … working hard catching up with blogs. Shhh … don’t tell my boss!! I really was working.

I don’t even remember what I wrote here. Can anyone read my handwriting? I think it was kind of important.

I made a To Do list. Anyone else do that? I’m halfway done with the list for the day! Yay!!

There’s a birthday celebration to be had tonight but it’s also my C25K day. Booo! Hopefully I have time to run before heading out. Else I would have to be doing so. Drunk. After the celebration. Just kidding. I don’t drink a lot – especially when I’m out and about. Never drink and drive! SAFTEY FIRST!

Do you skip a run if you have other plans? Or do you make it up before or after it? I haven’t since I started C25K!

Got Crabs?!

No … not those crabs.


But first … Do you see what I see?

Skeet?!! Another picture I took driving to work this morning. What?! … Oh Illinois … you are soooo fitting into Texas. Not!

Now back to those yummy crabs.

My dad had the day off so he went and bought some crabs to make. Mmm … I’m not a big fan of crabs but these were so good today. Look at that cholesterol!!

Had a tiny, tiny bowl of egg noodles mixed with red vinegar and some choy. Yums!!

So I got word from The President and he tried to make me stay but he didn’t want to force me. So in the end, the chair is given up and I’m a little sad over it. I’m getting people’s reply on tumblr with what I decided and it makes me happy they wish I didn’t make that decision. But what’s done is done. I should not regret it or feel this way.

Just helped my mum make a cake so she can bring it to her co-workers. No pics since it’s in the oven right now but it’s a fluffy chiffon cake. Yum!

This cutey is now sitting on my bed chilling … slowly falling asleep.

Which I should be doing …. Night everyone!


There is an organization called the Filipino Student Association (FSA). No I’m not Filipino, though I’ve been told I can pass as one.

Anyway, last school year I was nominated to be in the running for Philantrophy Chair. I love volunteering. Love it. Love it. And was thrilled. I was also nominated for various other chairs which I turned down.

At the end I won and had so many dreams of making my chair shine.

But then our future President said a few words of how he wants more new members from this year to be an officer … to get ready for the Goodphil ’13 we were in line to host. He even brought in two of those new members to become officers … but had no title. None of the elected officers knew their position.

Anyway, for a month and a half now, those words stung me in the heart. I am to graduate in May 2012. I am definietly not a “new member” and wasn’t going to be there for Goodphil ’13. So who am I to stand in the way of those who need to learn for the future.

Today, I made my decision. I called up the President and told him my thoughts and how I was willing to step down and give my chair away.

He didn’t answer. FRCIK!

So I went and called one of the girls he brought in. She was happy and totally accepted it on the spot. Given I told her it was up to all the other officers. (I’m sure they’ll say yes.)

I texted the President my thoughts and how she was willing to accept. I guess it’s the waiting game from here on out.

I’m starting to regret it but I’ll still be part of FSA even if I’m not an officer.

At least I’m still the Technology Chair for the For The Kids (FTK) organization. You’ll hear more about that in the future.

Okay, back to work.