Happy June 1st!

Oh wow .. June is already here. I’m happy I updated some posts those last few days of May. I still have a few more to do and I would have been caught up! Hoping I can do it all by the end of this weekend but we’ll have to see. It’s my Dad’s birthday weekend. And today Jenny, Tammy, and Sammi are coming down with my Brother including Krypto and Pluto!!

Mum, June, and I are thinking of taking a little vacation in Dallas. Cannot wait to plan the places we’ll eat.

Also, I’ve been looking at different 5k races. I have an urge to sign up for one. Ah! What to do?! I’m afraid if I sign up for one and pay and everything, I might not be able to do it that day if something comes up. How does anyone know what could happen …

Okay. I have to get back to work now. Sometimes Online Training can be tiring. Half an hour before lunch! Mmmm … leftovers. My favorite!