Full House

If you read my last post you would know my brother, Tammy, Jenny, Krypto, and Pluto came down from Dallas/San Antonio. Sweeeeet!! Sadly Sammi didn’t follow them down. Apparently her last day of school is today and she wanted to stay with her friends for one more day. Tomorrow my sissy is coming with maybe Brett? So yay!! Full house.

Thinking them coming down might wreck my running plans since they are guests, minus brother. But I made sure I fit it in my schedule. I went home and my brother, Tammy, and Pluto actually just got in as well. I changed, and went running. Came back and Jenny was still no where to be found so I had time to relax a little before she arrived with Krypto.

We waited til my dad got home before we all sat down to eat dinner. Tomorrow should be a good dinner. So many people. Plus I think for dinner we’re doing a hot pot! YUM!

Anyway, the point of this post was how happy I am that I stuck to my running schedule no matter what was going on around me.