Our next place we went to for Michelle’s birthday was:

1712 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 526-7212

I ordered the White Mocha Frappacino | $4.50. It was very yummy. A lot of times when I order this at other coffee places it comes out very bitter, but this, this is different.

I would come back here again but there were cockroaches everywhere. Also we got kicked out because the owners said that they needed the table for other customers. What a wonderful way to do business. NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN because this kind of service, terrible!

That night we went to various bars that included Poison Girl – not enough seats, La Carafe – very dark and creepy since it does advertise themselves as a haunted bar, mostly wine, Bronx Bar – came here for shots, too crowded, and Pearl Bar – a lot of Mexican people, don’t have anything against them but they seem to be very, very drunk and wild, this one lady had her shoes off and was dancing on glass …. okay lady.

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