Alcohol In A Pouch?!

I am so close to being caught up with all my posts. I have one more review and I would have been caught up. Cannot wait for that feeling.

Anyway, have you ever seen this before?!

Had this a couple weeks ago … It’s Daily’s: Strawberry Daiquiri! Mmm … for $1 something, it’s worth it … if you’re lazy like me. I thought it was very strong … too strong to the fact I couldn’t take the bottom of the pouch. They need more strawberry flavor or maybe this was geared to hardcore alcoholics … I’m not one. I rarely drink.

I was surprised my mum said I was able to get one for myself while her and June shared the Daily’s: Pomegranate Margarita. I didn’t like it. It tasted like medicine. The only upside was that it wasn’t as strong as the Strawberry Daiquiri.

Oh and a few minutes ago my mum washed some strawberries and demanded I eat some, and eat some I did since I did need some fruit in me and wanted some dessert. I paired it up with some fluffy marshmallow. Don’t worry I didn’t overdose. I couldn’t find the Nutella. Wahh! But fluffy marshmallow was a good substitute. I don’t know why I don’t like marshmallows but am okay with fluffy marshmallows. Hmm …

Have you ever had alcohol in a pouch? Did you like it?

Also, I’m wanting to get new running shoes already. Ones that fit me. Do you have a preference? I need cheap but long lasting, good for your shoes.

San Dong

On May 27th, Mum and June and I went to:

San Dong
9938 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 271-3945

We ordered a few plates to share and took the rest home for my dad and use it as part of our dinner. Yum! I tend to be in love with leftovers.

June wanted this. Not really sure what it’s called but I didn’t like it. My mum and her did though. It’s a mixture of peanuts, carrots, and zucchini. It has a slimy sauce … I think that’s what I didn’t like about it.


Mmm … Pig Ears. I know what you’re thinking … GROSS?! But don’t say you hate something til you try it. I wish people would eat it before they judge. Sometimes it’s better than they think but because they have the mentality that something is from a certain place, they would already not like it and have a bias opinion about things.

Mum ordered this. Wenchou Won Ton Soup | $4.75. Nom nom. It wasn’t my favorite out of all the stuff we ordered but it was okay. It has a very thin wrapper and the meat inside was pretty soft. I ate a lot of the bok choy though! Mum loved this one the most.

Here we have the Beef Soup Dumplings [12 dumplings] | $5.25. This might look like the Won Ton .. but it’s not. The soup has more flavor of a beef stock and these are dumplings .. not won tons. Therefore the wrapper in these are thicker and has a little bit of a chew to it. It was good but the soup was too salty for my taste. June loved this one the most.

This is the Leek Pork Dumplings [15 dumplings] | $5.25. This is like the Beef Soup Dumpling except this has no soup. And inside there’s leeks! Yum! This was the first dish I ever had when I first came here. But I have a new love now .. which brings me to ….

Cabbage Pork Dumplings [15 dumplings] | $5.25. This was juicier than the Leek Pork Dumplings so this became my favorite.

Just doing this post makes me want to go here this weekend. I would definitely order the Cabbage Pork Dumplings only …………. ALL FOR ME!

Why, Oh, Why?!

When the meeting was going on in the open conference room right outside my door I saw that they were getting a free lunch! Yum! I could smell it too. Tempting me. Tsk, tsk. I was happy with my leftovers so I ate that. They had a lot of leftovers left! Oh so tempting but you’re not going to get me!! Two of my co-workers sat down and talked about stuff for fun as a break .. see everything was going well! Work went by very very fast!

I came home and my mum was making Kimchi Soup for dinner. Even better. Ate dinner with mum and June while Rocky sat close by. Again, life is going swell. Oh here’s a picture of the dogs I mentioned before.

Rocky, Krypto, Pluto - Photo taken by Brother

Aren’t they cuties?!

But anyway, I sat down to change my B string. Previously I said my A broke but it was really my B. Whoops! But yeah … that’s when everything went sour. As I was winding up my string it popped on me. WHY?!! Again?! Puhlease! Now I have to reorder new strings. It sucks they come in a pack and not individuals. I think I’ll ask my friend to change them for me. I should learn though but I have no money to keep repurchasing packets and packets of strings … where the B string is missing.

For those that are by the coast, it’s hurricane season! Make sure you have a plan! I was talking about it with the two co-workers that stopped by to chat. We talked about what we had to do if anything major happened like contact your line manager. Hmm … This will be my fifth year working with them in the summertime and not once have they told me this. I guess they don’t care about me. *Sniff Sniff* Naw, I’m sure they do.

Do you have a plan for hurricane season?

Brrrrr! … In the Summertime?!

It is freezing here at my office. I work at a big oil company. It’s well-known and one of the top ones too so I guess they have enough money to run the A.C. I have two vents in my office and though I closed them, I know the cold is seeping out!

I think I’m getting old. If I sleep for a short period of time, say like 4 hours, I would wake up sleepy! In the past, I would sleep for 1 to 3 hours and would be beaming up all joyous. The cold doesn’t help either. It just makes me want to fall asleep. Bleugh!

I’ve been trying to keep warm. Have a jacket here at work at all times in case any gust of A.C. comes. I’ve been drinking a lot of Green Tea as well. Already on my second filter packet. My cup isn’t normal. My cup = 2 normal cups. Therefore in reality, I’m on my 3rd and 4th cup in my 2nd cup. Confusing? Yeah, I’m confusing.

This is the kind my parents have at their house. It works. Keeps me warm and keeps me awake. I usually opt for the Tazo Green Tea … yes, the one Starbucks uses. Mmm .. yum.

Did I mention the Starbucks I have downstairs in my building? We have a Starbucks in pretty much every building here. Ridiculous. Starbucks be banking.

A big meeting is about to start in the open conference area. Since my office is right next to it, I’ll be able to hear everything. No fears though. I’m just going to close my door and all I’ll hear is mumble, mumble.

Hope your morning is starting off great!