Brrrrr! … In the Summertime?!

It is freezing here at my office. I work at a big oil company. It’s well-known and one of the top ones too so I guess they have enough money to run the A.C. I have two vents in my office and though I closed them, I know the cold is seeping out!

I think I’m getting old. If I sleep for a short period of time, say like 4 hours, I would wake up sleepy! In the past, I would sleep for 1 to 3 hours and would be beaming up all joyous. The cold doesn’t help either. It just makes me want to fall asleep. Bleugh!

I’ve been trying to keep warm. Have a jacket here at work at all times in case any gust of A.C. comes. I’ve been drinking a lot of Green Tea as well. Already on my second filter packet. My cup isn’t normal. My cup = 2 normal cups. Therefore in reality, I’m on my 3rd and 4th cup in my 2nd cup. Confusing? Yeah, I’m confusing.

This is the kind my parents have at their house. It works. Keeps me warm and keeps me awake. I usually opt for the Tazo Green Tea … yes, the one Starbucks uses. Mmm .. yum.

Did I mention the Starbucks I have downstairs in my building? We have a Starbucks in pretty much every building here. Ridiculous. Starbucks be banking.

A big meeting is about to start in the open conference area. Since my office is right next to it, I’ll be able to hear everything. No fears though. I’m just going to close my door and all I’ll hear is mumble, mumble.

Hope your morning is starting off great!

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