Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap

So I went home at noon. Plans with the sissy didn’t work out with her having to leave asap to road trip to Colorado. Oh well. Next time for sure. I’ll see if she’ll pay for my breakfast and mani then.

I was stuck at a stop light and saw this little thing.

Do you see what I see? No, not the ticket stubs on my window shield. Still don’t see it? Let us zoom in.

Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap

Funny, yes? And it’s so true. There’s never been a kidnapping case with fat people. At least, I’ve never heard about it. Have you?!

Anyway, after dinner June and I had a sweet tooth for ice cream. Since June didn’t want to drive and my dad’s car was blocking mine, we nixed the TCBY run and went to Walgreens instead.

No we didn’t drive there. We walked there. It’s right by our neighborhood so why waste gas when we can be healthy, right? Our goodies. 1 bag of Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper, 4 Magmum Classic Ice Cream, 2 Redbox movies: From Prada to Nada and Just Go With It.

Mmm … Magnum Ice Cream. This was the kind of ice cream I ate when I was in Hong Kong. Then I moved to America … and it was gone. I believe they recently started selling it here in America so you can see how happy I was. Snatched four. One for me, mum, dad, and June. Sissy would be jealous.

Ain’t she a beaut? I ate this as slowly as I could. Didn’t want it to go away in a blink of an eye. For almost $3 a piece, I had to enjoy it! The reason I love this ice cream so much is because of their chocolate. It’s so thick and when you bite into it you hear that cracking … not too sure how to describe it so just buy one and see for yourself!

Branded an “M” … fancy. Fancy indeed.

What – you think I wasn’t going to run after eating that fatty ice cream. Please. Layout of the run: Warm up 5, Run 20, Cool down 5. Let’s just say the whole time I was running I was saying

Holy Devlin!

Have you seen Just Go With It? It’s about a doctor who pretends to be married to pick up chicks and his receptionist was always by his side. Even when he needed to use her and her kids to get a hot young girl.

It’s very hilarious and you laugh pretty much the WHOLE ENTIRE time. You will love it just as much as I did.

Anyway, Holy Devlin came from that movie. Um yeah … I watched that before running. Holy Devlin. Holy Devlin. Meaning Holy Shiet!

Holy Devlin .. I’m actually doing it! Holy Devlin … I’m almost done!

I kept telling myself. Three more, Two more, Last one. I split the 20 minutes in my head into 5 minutes each since the lady does tell you when every 5 minutes has passed. And I realized I ran faster and farther than when doing intervals. I think that’s the whole point? Not too sure. When I got to the last 10 seconds of running I went full out and ran like a deer – prancing.

My mum said I looked like I was dying. Um … thanks mum. Good to know I look like shiet.

Time to relax and watch From Prada to Nada. A story about a two girls who were downright rich. One was book smart aspiring to be a lawyer while the other uses her looks to get what she wants. Everything changes when their dad dies and they find out they are bankrupt. Moving into the new lifestyle of the poor, will they survive?

Not too sure how this movie will be since it’s not on big screen but anything is good right now.

*Edit: I actually loved this movie. However many stars other people give … I give it five out of five. Reason? It was very heart warming with all the family love. No matter how obnoxious the bitchy girl on the right is, she always had someone there for her – family.

Night everyone. Hope your Friday went well!

2 thoughts on “Fat People Are Harder To Kidnap

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one in the world that does things like that (eating ice cream and then running after ;))
    So thanks!! I love the sticker on that car hilarious. Magnum’s are the best ice cream and I understand EXACTLY what you mean about the cracking when you bite into it.

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