Ugly But Delicious Smoothie

Work got really hectic toward the end. Actually stayed a little longer than usual. Oh well. At least work was getting done.

Ain’t that crazy?! Those are some big ass tires!

One truck carrying 15 big, big tires. Anyone know what they’re for? Maybe for those John Deers. 😉

Yes … I took these pictures while driving on the freeway and off ……. whoops.

Got home and ate a quick post run dinner of leftover noodles. Nom.

Went and ran my C25K: Week 6 – Run 1

Warm up 5, Run 5, Walk 3, Run 8, Walk 3, Run 5, Cool down 5

After last Friday’s run I thought it’d be easier but I was wrong. During Run 8 I started getting a spasm in my arch and couldn’t really move it. Stuck it all the way through but had to slow down. At least I finished? Plus the heat was killing me. I am starting to feel long runs are easier and easier for me. I wish I had a program that tracked my miles ran. That would help so much.

Mmm .. a really terrible picture of my post workout smoothie.

  • spinach
  • dried blueberries
  • yogurt
  • banana
  • milk

Ahh delicious. This was the first time I made a spinach smoothie. Maybe that’s why it’s so green … like puke green. Surprisingly I didn’t taste the spinach … I put a dang lot in too. Mmm … magic.

Going to try to sleep early tonight. Got a long day ahead of me with work. *sigh*

Hope y’all had a good Monday!

Snack Attack

So who watched the Miss America Pageant last night? Not me.

Woke up and found out Miss California Won? Boo … I was so rooting for Miss Alabama USA Madeline Mitchell. Of course I must be biased. I just wanted her to win with everything she went through. Yeah, yeah. I know everyone goes through things but having read and watched her interview was just so touching. Hmm … second thought, it could have be a ploy for people to like her and get her name out before the Miss America Pageant. Nahhh ….

This morning I had Nutella knockoff spread onto a bagel thin. Um … yum. Staple breakfast right here!

Also had a packet of Fruit Snacks to go with that breakfast. The packaging has changed since this picture. Are they healthy for you? I mean, it’s not like I open ten packages and eat them all in one sitting. Just one packet … maybe two. I’ve looked around online saying that they are terrible for you while others say they’re good for you. How confusing. Can we have an agreement!? … yeah I know that’s impossible.

For lunch I had some leftovers from last night’s dinner. Mmm … I don’t know why people don’t like leftovers but they’re so delicious to me. Unless of course they are leftovers from leftovers from leftovers and so on. I ended it with a fuzzy peach. She was so juicy. I had to eat silently so I caught most of the juices onto a napkin. Ugh, waste. I love free fruit from work. (Which is where I am currently.)

I’m planning to have a Granola Thin for a snack sometime between now and 4pm. My mum bought them last time we went to Costco. I picked it out since mum wanted a healthy snack. Each is packaged with one square bar. Dark chocolate is good for the heart so it’s better than just plain granola – in my mind.

When we were coming home that day, my mum stuck it in the trunk with the rest of the stuff we bought. Let’s just say, on the 30 minute car ride home, they kind of melted. Don’t worry. They’re back to their original look. No messiness anymore.

Okay, back to work. Running C25K tonight. Bring it!