Ugly But Delicious Smoothie

Work got really hectic toward the end. Actually stayed a little longer than usual. Oh well. At least work was getting done.

Ain’t that crazy?! Those are some big ass tires!

One truck carrying 15 big, big tires. Anyone know what they’re for? Maybe for those John Deers. 😉

Yes … I took these pictures while driving on the freeway and off ……. whoops.

Got home and ate a quick post run dinner of leftover noodles. Nom.

Went and ran my C25K: Week 6 – Run 1

Warm up 5, Run 5, Walk 3, Run 8, Walk 3, Run 5, Cool down 5

After last Friday’s run I thought it’d be easier but I was wrong. During Run 8 I started getting a spasm in my arch and couldn’t really move it. Stuck it all the way through but had to slow down. At least I finished? Plus the heat was killing me. I am starting to feel long runs are easier and easier for me. I wish I had a program that tracked my miles ran. That would help so much.

Mmm .. a really terrible picture of my post workout smoothie.

  • spinach
  • dried blueberries
  • yogurt
  • banana
  • milk

Ahh delicious. This was the first time I made a spinach smoothie. Maybe that’s why it’s so green … like puke green. Surprisingly I didn’t taste the spinach … I put a dang lot in too. Mmm … magic.

Going to try to sleep early tonight. Got a long day ahead of me with work. *sigh*

Hope y’all had a good Monday!


3 thoughts on “Ugly But Delicious Smoothie

  1. Isn’t it awesome how you can’t taste the spinach?! Everyone’s like ewww you’re drinking a SPINACH smoothie? But then I let them try it and it actually tastes pretty good!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. My Mom is definitely a funny one. It’s so much fun getting to be home in June to hang out with her!

  2. I didn’t believe it was possible to taste good when my sister in law told me to add spinach to my smoothies… and now I drink them all the time. yum yum yum. Do you have an iPod? You could get the Nike + … it’s not quite as accurate as Garmin, but it’d help you track your miles…

    • I just had another smoothie tonight and again, no spinach taste!!

      I wasn’t sure if you needed Nike shoes to use it since it goes in your shoe? I’ll look into it though. (:
      If I ever get serious with running like you, I might invest in a Garmin. They just look so cool!

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