Website Changes

Oh wow .. what a day. I actually didn’t sleep early at all. I slept at 1am. That is far from early.

Anyway, work was busy, busy as anticipated.

I went to heat up my lunch …

and everyone kept asking what that “green thing” was. Do you know what it is?

If you guessed a pepper you are correct.

Then they started saying things like … “oh wow … that must be super spicy!”

Truth: The bigger the pepper, the less spicy it is.

Plus my mum put some mashed up fish and scallions into it and cooked it. Yum.

After lunch, I went to refill my cup with hot, steaming green tea. Guess what I see ….

….. leftover pizza. 15 boxes to be exact. There was sausage pizza, ham and pineapple pizza, veggie pizza, meat lovers pizza, etc. So many pizzas. We had an explorer’s luncheon and they always have leftover food. Actually anytime any team orders food with their meetings, you’re bound to see leftovers. I didn’t go though.

If I was hungry I would of went for one. But that big pepper filled me up.

So I wanted to tell you all something that explains the title of this post … I finally took time to remake my website! 😀

Found a layout I liked, then made my own header. First time ever making one and it only  took me an hour or so. Not the best, but it’s homemade. Hope you guys stop by to check it out!!

If you’re looking at the banner then you’ll see that it sums up my blog. It has a little bit of me, working out, and food.

Also, I use to subscribe other peoples’ sites on WordPress but I currently switched to Google Reader. Which do you prefer, and why?

How was your Tuesday? We’re almost halfway there!! So I’m excited. I get my Friday off this week but I think I’ll be working so I can get next Friday off instead.