Rain, Rain, Come Again Soon!

I grabbed some fruit as I was heating up my lunch. They had boxes of green grapes, red grapes, oranges, clementines, peaches, pears, green apples, red apples, bananas, etc.

I love my job because they always care about our health and provide us an abundant amount of fruits weekly … and sometimes even daily if we finish it quickly.

I settled on two bananas and six clementines. They were all wet from the rain.

You heard correct.

Houston finally got rain.

I usually park outside but on rainy days … parking garages are where it’s at. Plus if it rained harder when I get off work, I won’t get drenched. I plan ahead. Smart cookie right here!

How about the rest of you Houstonians? Did you stay dry? I managed to but sadly The Sweet Life couldn’t. At least she has great co-workers! 😀

After work I went home and ate a quick dinner of Almond Butter on a bagel thin with a handful of crushed up baked chips in between and a clementine that I didn’t finish at work. Yum!

Rested and changed into my running clothes for my C25K: Week 6 – Run 2

Warm up 5, Run 10, Walk 3, Run 10, Cool down 5

I tend to read some tumblrs and blogs about health and fitness to motivate me to not give up running before or during. Do you do that?

It wasn’t bad at all though I should really get new shoes. I keep saying it and being repetitive but I think that’s the reason for the crick in my left arch. I tried hard not to think about it but it was really bothering me. I had to slow down so that it wouldn’t hurt as much.

As I was running I saw a boy shooting off a bb gun … with no supervision. Given it’s not a real gun but he could still get hurt – like shooting his eyeballs out?!

Plus there were kids from age 5-10 playing on the streets with no supervision. What?! Do parents not watch their kids anymore?!

All in all I think this run went pretty well. After Friday’s run I will have only 3 weeks left!! 😀 So excited!!

Went home and showered. Then I had my post run snack.

I wanted something to drink … like a soda. But I don’t like soda, plus my mum didn’t want to drink some with me so I opted for some milk. See how full it is? It’s because the milk was going to expire tomorrow and I didn’t want to pour it down the drain so I finished every last drop. I had this plus another 1/2 a cup. Mmmm … delicious.

I had some Athenos Roasted Garlic Hummus on Ritz crackers.

Mmm … yummy. I had four of these babies. I’m not a big fan of this kind of hummus. Not too sure why but I like the roasted pepper(?) one better.

Do you eat hummus? If so, what brand and type is your favorite? I want to explore more in the world of hummus before I decide to make my own.

Smart Dog

I woke up this morning forgetting that I finished my tube of toothpaste the night before. I yell downstairs to my mum asking her if she had any, by chance, in her bathroom closet.

My mum puts a bag around Rocky (my parents’ dog) and sticks the toothpaste inside. We trained our dog to deliver things to members of our household. Each of us has our own names we go by when we talk to Rocky.

This picture was taken two/three months ago. Look at him yawning. Our dog at times is stupid, but at the same time he’s a smartypants.

Cailtin from Happy Tipping Point just posted about her dog, Maggie, and how she’s dumb. Don’t worry she loves her dog just as much as I love my dog.

It’s already 11am! Yes!! That means lunch is almost here. Good … I’m starving.