Smart Dog

I woke up this morning forgetting that I finished my tube of toothpaste the night before. I yell downstairs to my mum asking her if she had any, by chance, in her bathroom closet.

My mum puts a bag around Rocky (my parents’ dog) and sticks the toothpaste inside. We trained our dog to deliver things to members of our household. Each of us has our own names we go by when we talk to Rocky.

This picture was taken two/three months ago. Look at him yawning. Our dog at times is stupid, but at the same time he’s a smartypants.

Cailtin from Happy Tipping Point just posted about her dog, Maggie, and how she’s dumb. Don’t worry she loves her dog just as much as I love my dog.

It’s already 11am! Yes!! That means lunch is almost here. Good … I’m starving.

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