Got Crabs?!

No … not those crabs.


But first … Do you see what I see?

Skeet?!! Another picture I took driving to work this morning. What?! … Oh Illinois … you are soooo fitting into Texas. Not!

Now back to those yummy crabs.

My dad had the day off so he went and bought some crabs to make. Mmm … I’m not a big fan of crabs but these were so good today. Look at that cholesterol!!

Had a tiny, tiny bowl of egg noodles mixed with red vinegar and some choy. Yums!!

So I got word from The President and he tried to make me stay but he didn’t want to force me. So in the end, the chair is given up and I’m a little sad over it. I’m getting people’s reply on tumblr with what I decided and it makes me happy they wish I didn’t make that decision. But what’s done is done. I should not regret it or feel this way.

Just helped my mum make a cake so she can bring it to her co-workers. No pics since it’s in the oven right now but it’s a fluffy chiffon cake. Yum!

This cutey is now sitting on my bed chilling … slowly falling asleep.

Which I should be doing …. Night everyone!


There is an organization called the Filipino Student Association (FSA). No I’m not Filipino, though I’ve been told I can pass as one.

Anyway, last school year I was nominated to be in the running for Philantrophy Chair. I love volunteering. Love it. Love it. And was thrilled. I was also nominated for various other chairs which I turned down.

At the end I won and had so many dreams of making my chair shine.

But then our future President said a few words of how he wants more new members from this year to be an officer … to get ready for the Goodphil ’13 we were in line to host. He even brought in two of those new members to become officers … but had no title. None of the elected officers knew their position.

Anyway, for a month and a half now, those words stung me in the heart. I am to graduate in May 2012. I am definietly not a “new member” and wasn’t going to be there for Goodphil ’13. So who am I to stand in the way of those who need to learn for the future.

Today, I made my decision. I called up the President and told him my thoughts and how I was willing to step down and give my chair away.

He didn’t answer. FRCIK!

So I went and called one of the girls he brought in. She was happy and totally accepted it on the spot. Given I told her it was up to all the other officers. (I’m sure they’ll say yes.)

I texted the President my thoughts and how she was willing to accept. I guess it’s the waiting game from here on out.

I’m starting to regret it but I’ll still be part of FSA even if I’m not an officer.

At least I’m still the Technology Chair for the For The Kids (FTK) organization. You’ll hear more about that in the future.

Okay, back to work.