Got Crabs?!

No … not those crabs.


But first … Do you see what I see?

Skeet?!! Another picture I took driving to work this morning. What?! … Oh Illinois … you are soooo fitting into Texas. Not!

Now back to those yummy crabs.

My dad had the day off so he went and bought some crabs to make. Mmm … I’m not a big fan of crabs but these were so good today. Look at that cholesterol!!

Had a tiny, tiny bowl of egg noodles mixed with red vinegar and some choy. Yums!!

So I got word from The President and he tried to make me stay but he didn’t want to force me. So in the end, the chair is given up and I’m a little sad over it. I’m getting people’s reply on tumblr with what I decided and it makes me happy they wish I didn’t make that decision. But what’s done is done. I should not regret it or feel this way.

Just helped my mum make a cake so she can bring it to her co-workers. No pics since it’s in the oven right now but it’s a fluffy chiffon cake. Yum!

This cutey is now sitting on my bed chilling … slowly falling asleep.

Which I should be doing …. Night everyone!

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