I Love No Traffic Fridays!

What? It’s Friday?! Yep … the roads told me so.

I woke up thirty minutes late today for work. Given this is my day off, I decided to switch this Friday with next Friday so into work I go. And I wasn’t even late.

I think my body knows that it’s Friday and there won’t be any traffic. Hence letting me sleep in. Thanks body!

Not a lot of people in the office today. Hence this picture of me in the office. You wanna see what I was working on a few minutes before lunch?

Yeah … working hard catching up with blogs. Shhh … don’t tell my boss!! I really was working.

I don’t even remember what I wrote here. Can anyone read my handwriting? I think it was kind of important.

I made a To Do list. Anyone else do that? I’m halfway done with the list for the day! Yay!!

There’s a birthday celebration to be had tonight but it’s also my C25K day. Booo! Hopefully I have time to run before heading out. Else I would have to be doing so. Drunk. After the celebration. Just kidding. I don’t drink a lot – especially when I’m out and about. Never drink and drive! SAFTEY FIRST!

Do you skip a run if you have other plans? Or do you make it up before or after it? I haven’t since I started C25K!

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