Mondays Mondays

What a boring title. I couldn’t think of a good one. 😦

Mmm … so this was my breakfast. Yogurt, blueberries, and honey nut cheerios. Delicious. I was super awake after eating this. Sadly I have no more blueberries. 😦

I painted my ugly nails Friday night. Pretty disco pink. That’s not the name of the polish … just what I named it. Not too sure why I picked this color. Guess it’s easier than a bright color that gets everywhere?

We had a meeting where they gave us free lunch! YUM!! It came from Hungry’s. They had sandwiches, wraps, or salads. I chose the salad with a pita bread and fruit. I made a lot of noise. Crunch Crunch. 😀

But by the end of the meeting … which was two hours long .. my polish was gone. Pick Pick. :-/ Now I painted it clear. So much better looking. I like natural colors. 😉

I was so tired but excited to go run my C25K tonight. June had the week off from work and bought crawfish!! Yummms!! I love crawfish!! With potatoes and corn.

I was too stuffed to run so I waited a good two hours. Longest two hours and I was still stuffed but I had to go run. It was now or never. So C25K: Week 7 – Run 1

Warm up 5, Run 25, Cool down 5

I was so laggy and I blame it on the crawfish! But it’s so delicious. I love crawfish (in my tummy)! So I can’t blame them.

Ten minutes into the run I got really tired. My legs started to cramp so I ran a little bit faster … which surprisingly felt better. Weird.

I thought the run would be easier. Think being lazy all weekend messed me up. Gotta pick it up!

Time for telly before bed! Hope you guys had a good Monday!!