Knock Off Nutella Spread

Do you know what I realized today on the way to the restroom at work? (TMI?)

I only have FOUR DAYS of work this week!! I always knew I got Friday off this week but it just hit me it’s only four days. And since two days already passed … only two left! Yay!!

Me in my working environment with my hair up. You see all those papers behind me? They’re not mine. I’m in my former supervisor’s room. She’s off for maternity leave and since setting up a new office takes time, they gave me hers for the summer. Sahweet. It’s an honor to be rooming next to a really cute guy. 😉

So I always talk about Nutella Knock-off and realized I never showed you what it was … so here it is!

Pralinutta Duo. It’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread just like Nutella! I think it has vanilla swirl with mine. They also have the plain chocolate and the strawberry with vanilla.

I don’t know if it’s healthier than Nutella but I do know that it has less calories and it’s cheaper! 😀


I’m planning on doing some strength training soon but I have to research first.

Do you know any good strength training moves that help tone? How many days a week should this be done?

It’s Only Tuesday …

… and I’m already doggone tired.

I think all those years of sleeping one to two hours is catching up to me. All I want to do now is sleep, sleep, sleep.

But I can’t!!

Good thing I have Friday off. Hopefully I can sleep in!

How do you stay awake?! I need tips and I need them stat!

I’m in my office with the lights off in hopes to trick the A.C. into thinking I’m not here at all so it’ll stop blowing. I think it’s working.

Or maybe it’s because I’m holding a cup of hot, hot, hot green tea. Delightful.