It’s Only Tuesday …

… and I’m already doggone tired.

I think all those years of sleeping one to two hours is catching up to me. All I want to do now is sleep, sleep, sleep.

But I can’t!!

Good thing I have Friday off. Hopefully I can sleep in!

How do you stay awake?! I need tips and I need them stat!

I’m in my office with the lights off in hopes to trick the A.C. into thinking I’m not here at all so it’ll stop blowing. I think it’s working.

Or maybe it’s because I’m holding a cup of hot, hot, hot green tea. Delightful.

2 thoughts on “It’s Only Tuesday …

    • I followed your advice and did that. And …. it worked. Magical. Going to do that now but I would have to find an alternative when it rains or something. Thanks! 🙂

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