Lasagna House III

For lunch Saturday, Mum, June, and I went to the:


Lasagna House III
13306 Westheimer Road,
Houston, TX
(281) 496-9114


You get free garlic bread and salad with your meal. Pretty much all you can eat. They also give you a choice of dressing that you want. So genius. So delicious!


Stuffed Jalapenos [jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese, lightly breaded and deep fried] | $5.99

It was really good. Better than the ones we got at Red Oak Grill. Their marinara sauce that came with it was divine. I dipped some garlic bread in it. Yum!


Cannelloni Meat [large pasta tubes stuffed with meat, topped with Pomodoro Sauce and shredded mozzarella and baked] | $10.99

I’ need to start telling people to not put so much cheese on top. I ripped it off and gave it to the mum. But mmmm it was so good! If you’re a friend of chopped up meat, this is for you! My mum hates ground meat so … not for her. I ate a quarter of this and was full thanks to free salad!!

Afterward we headed to the new Whole Foods at Montrose.

I felt like a kid in a candy shop! So did my mum and June. They went crazy!


All of our treasures. The only things I actually picked out?



Yum!! This is the first time I’ve ever gotten the Peanut Butter & Co. anything and yum yum!! Love!! I put it in my Overnight Oats in a Jar for tomorrow! Can’t wait to taste it!

It’s also my first time getting Justin’s! So I hope I like it!!

I continued being a child by watching …

Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure: Sharpay goes to New York to audition for a part in Broadway. If she doesn’t get the part she has to go home and w-w-w-work! When she gets there she finds out the part was for Boy, her dog. What is she to do now?!

I am not ashamed to say … I like this movie. I’m not a great fan of her singing voice because it’s all squeak-ish but it’s a sweet movie.

Austin Butler, Ashley Tisdale’s character’s best friend when she moves into New York made this movie even better. Mmmm, eye candy. So weird how I find some blondes attractive nowadays.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

Best Friday All Summer

I’ve been eating a lot of OOIAJ. Seriously … if you were to have asked me back last month if I would like eating oats, my answer would be “NO WAY JOSE!”


My favorite is simply vanilla yogurt, milk, oats, pb, a little Nutella, and a lot of blueberries. YUM!

Yesterday I got to work and finished the project that I was assigned. Whooooo! Surprised smile

Michelle H. came in and we talked about America’s debt. I wished the government took time out to see who they’re giving money to. There are people out there that cheat the government. There are some college kids who take financial aid and loans and use it for vacations or buy things they don’t need instead of school. There are women and men who can fully well work but chose not to and ask for food stamps. Some even have a billion kids so that they can get even more welfare. I think that is ridiculous. That is why we’re in debt people. If the government works harder to see who really needs it, they won’t be that much in debt as they are. That’s my two cents. End of rant.Steaming mad

Then Rose, kid Karen, and baby Katherine came to visit the office. I left from work early at 1pm to go to lunch with them. Cheddar’s! Yum!!

Karen is such a delight. I love her! I was sad when we all had to leave. But a little happy I didn’t have to had back to the office.

Later that night I went over to Michelle’s house. (A different Michelle than Michelle H. … just to be clear.Winking smile) Her house is amazing like I’ve said before. This time I have pictures of their movie theater room!


They have four recliners!! Five counting the one on the side by itself. From left to right is Michelle, Nicole, and Stephanie. Inside that closet are loads and loads of DVDs, home videos, and devices where you can buy movies instantly and watch them! SO jealous!


They even had a popcorn machine! How cool is that?! Michelle’s dad came up and made us some. Thanks Mister Reed!


So freaking dang cute! And so freaking dang good! There’s a separator at the bottom so all the kernels that didn’t pop would fall through. So dang genius!

Like my nail?! I painted a old school pink then the shatter polish on top. I really like them. I want to get other shatter colors now. Addicted? Guess so!


Look at that dang screen! So big! (I need to stop saying dang!)

Don’t worry. We didn’t watch Insidious. I told them to never invite me over if they were ever to chose a scary movie.Crying face I would pee my pants and maybe a little more than pee if you catch my drift.Smile with tongue out

Limitless where you take a pill and you can do things you never thought you could.

Pretty much my summary of the movie. I loved it and Bradley Cooper makes it that much better. The ending when he speaks Chinese .. kind of butchers the whole movie for me. But still good.


Meet Jake, the lab. Meet Tigger, the tabby cat. And meet Dexter, the grey kitty. All animals in Michelle’s house. So cute!

When I got home a little over 1am, I watched another movie before bed.

My Future Boyfriend: Barry Watson’s character travels back in time from year 3000 something to ask a writer questions about what love, passion, sex, etc. is since in their year, there is no such thing.

Barry Watson is so cute. I loved him from 7th Heaven. Sara Rue lost a lot of weight. She used to be on a show called Popular. Anyway, this was a cute movie about traveling back in the future finding love, etc. I watched this off Netflix if anyone’s interested.

I think I can say this Friday was the best Friday all summer!Open-mouthed smile

WINNER for My Very First Giveaway!

Thanks for everyone that participated!! This giveaway spiked my views all the way up as well as the most comments on a post!

I wish I could give everyone a $30 gift card to Whole Foods but a broke college student I am. But be assured there will be more in the future because this was FUN!

Shut up and tell me the winner already, Melissa!

Okay, okay. Drum roll please!

Congratulations to Tiffany from Texan on the Run! Email me your name and address and I’ll send it on your way! You have til Monday night to reply or else … onto the next winner!!

Their Loss

Empty Wallets

What does one do when an email pops up saying there’s a sale going on?

No … not clothes. I never seem to want to splurge on clothes.

Barnes and Nobles sent me an email saying they’re having a sale.

I had to get on it! I ended up getting 8 MORE fictional books and my mum picked out 6 cookbooks.

I feel it was a very good deal since mine were mostly $1.99-2.99. I would say those cookbooks were killer in our wallets but much needed (in our world).

This is sad. Someone save us! We are pretty much putting all our money in books.

Upside was free shipping. 😉

Giveaway Thoughts

I’m happy with how my first Giveaway‘s going. Don’t forget to enter!! It ends July 29th (Friday) at 12pm!

Putting up the giveaway, I told myself that if only the three people I had in mind entered, it was better than nothing. And that if it goes well, more giveaways were a must! I’m so happy that it has been more than three people! So things seem to be going really well!

I actually reached the most views I’ve ever had yesterday but sadly they didn’t enter the giveaway. Their loss, right?


If I’ve never told you before, I’ll tell you this now. I have a lot of networking sites. This site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Lately I stopped using certain networks as much like Facebook or Tumblr.

Ever since I started reaching out to other bloggers in June, I got so into the blogging world I just feel I don’t have time with any other networks.

It was brought to my attention when some friends commented or texted saying why I was never online anymore. Whoops …

I should manage my time better or else I will have no friends when I’m offline!

How do you manage your time?!


Don’t forget about my Giveaway!!

I accidentally ended up at Borders after work on Monday. Whoops … I ended up getting 8 more fictional books that I don’t need. I will spare you all with the pictures of all my books.

Then I went all crazy last night and went on Barnes and Nobles website to see some deals.

What is going on?!

I haven’t really been working out. Which I hate to admit. I’ve been too busy reading all those books!! So that only means I haven’t tried out my Nike+ … but I will. Promise!

Check out Brittany’s Giveaway. It’s so much better than mine!! 😉

Fun Filled Weekend

Don’t forget to enter My Very First Giveaway!!

Now onto my weekend extravaganza!


I went to Walgreens for a gift bag and ended up buying some cracking nail polish as well!

I’m very messy at painting my nails. I was just trying it out. Obviously brighter colors makes it look better. My favorite is the one on top!

Went to visit Rose and her family. Remember those Nutella Swirled Fudge Brownies I made to bring to their house? They loved them and took them all! I love that feeling of when people eat your food … and like it!

Meet baby Katherine!! I wish my skin was as smooth as hers. Jealous!


My family and I went to San Antonio. I needed to drop my keys off at my apartment since my lease ends in August.

June cooked us breakfast of eggs, eggo pancakes, and hashbrowns.

I took an egg, and some hasbrowns with some ketchup. I made myself a bagle thin sandwich that had peanut butter and a banana in between.

We arrived to SA, walked around La Cantera, dropped my keys off, and had lunch at a Pho place.

We then went to Borders since they are closing! Library and bookstores are dying due to electronics. I am sad. I wanted to open a bookstore when I was older. Dreams are crushed! 😦

Books on sale makes me all happy inside!!

Got stuck in traffic 10 minutes from our house because of the construction. Got to our Cousin’s Dinner in time (if you count 30 mins late on time). He was paying for finding a good job! Yayy!


I woke up and went to Borders … again! Told you I love books on sale. I just love owning books!

I might have gone a little crazy. I ended up spending $40+ but it’s so worth it! The one sticky that says $7.99 was actually only $5.59! 🙂

These are all the books I’ve accumulated plus the ones I bought this weekend that I need to read!! I can’t wait to try out the cookbooks as well. EEEEE so excited!! If anyone would love to donate me their books, I would so happily take them. If they’re my cup of tea, I would definitely try it out!! 😉

I stopped by the Apple store and picked this up. I’m excited to try it out!! Whoo … new toys! 😀 If you have any tips, please let me know!!

Then we went to eat at a Chinese Restaurant in Bellaire. The food was so good!! And I had some for lunch today!

This weekend has been VERY eventful and wanted to remember it forever!

Don’t forget to enter My Very First Giveaway!!

My Very First Giveaway

As the title says … Giveaway!!

I reached my 1,000th site views a few weeks back and now this is my 100th post!

Therefore I will be giving away a $30.00 gift card to one reader from:

There are four ways to enter so if you do it all, you have four chances!!
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All entries must be in by Friday, July, 29th at 12pm to be considered for the giveaway!!

“Muchas wheatgracias” for reading and entering for my first ever giveaway!!

Nutella Swirled Fudge Brownies

I am a billion and fifty percent sure I did not make this up.

Meaning many people in the world has thought of this.

Like I said in the earlier post, I was going to make some kind of treat for Rose and her family and Michelle H. and I guess … me.

I was going to make Nutella Cookies but was a little lazy to cut out all those little circles.

I went for the easy way out.

Found this in my parents pantry. Score!

All I needed were eggs, oil, and water. Easy Peasy!

Like my well? I started to leak on the side.

After mixing it all together I added a big heap of cinnamon and poured the batter into a 9×13 pan.

Then I swirled in a bunch of Nutella. Yum!

This is what came out of the oven. I promise there were better swirls in there!!

I love when brownies crackle on the top. 🙂

Hopefully it tastes better than it looks.

I’m going to leave it uncut so they can cut as big of a piece as they want!

Hope you guys are having a great Friday!! 😀

Watch For A Giveaway!

I’m almost to the 100th post!!

So watch for a giveaway. It might be sometime next week.

Today is my Friday!! Then I get another Friday tomorrow. 😀

This has been my go to snack recently. It might not be 100% healthy but it’s better than eating all that other junk.

Who else reads when they eat?! 🙂

I’ve already finished one book and already halfway through another one.
I love reading books that is hard to put down.

I’m going to see my former supervisor, Rose, tomorrow!! She gave birth to a baby girl in May and since the baby was a month early, she wasn’t allowed visitors. This makes two girls in their little family.

My now supervisor, Michelle H., will be going to see her too so I’m excited.

Last Sunday I went shopping at Target to buy baby things for when I visited them.

$0?! FREEEE? I love monkeys.

This is what I ended up getting. Little baby tights and 3 for 1 bibs. My mum says they throw up a lot and get soiled fast. Yuck! So she thought it was best to get that.

I’m also thinking of baking something to bring over for them. I don’t want the older sister to get jealous everyone is there for the newborn.

If you have any suggestions for a giveaway, let me know. I have something in mind but it’s not set in stone yet.


Sissy came home!! She’s leaving in a little bit.

We sat in the kitchen table pinning things on Pinterest.

Ever heard of it? It’s like Tumblr but not.

This is what my Pinterest looks like at the moment.

You can find me at cripple15.

Obviously I have nothing in there but I’ll get there. 😉

I tend to not put things up unless I really adore it.

No working out for me today.

Onto Khols online shopping and Chinese Drama watching.

Night y’all!