A Whole Lotta Words

So in our household this time of year, everyone works.

But for some reason today everyone didn’t have to except for one person. Can you guess who that is?

Yes .. me. But that’s okay because me and the cutie in the office next to mine both wore black today. (stalker status?) Wow … am I still stuck in middle school crushes?! 😛

Mum called me to tell me we were going to Tokyo One tonight with June and dad. I debated on going. One reason was because I’m not that big of a fan of hardcore seafood. And because the price went up from when we last went to Tokyo One. From $25 per person to $27.99 per person. Eep.

But I decided to go anyway because I don’t have many chances to hang out with the dad. Look at the view! It’s outside the window. There were even turtles but I didn’t have the right angle.

I actually didn’t eat the crab in the fourth picture. I just thought it was scary looking. Such a big, big crab!

The green tea ice cream was not up to par as last times. Such a disappointment. The other ice cream is red bean ice cream. It tasted more like raspberries.

I really liked our waiter this time around. He came and picked up our plates every five minutes – pretty much. (We’re fast eaters.)

I really don’t think me coming here is such a good deal since I don’t love it but I guess whatever I have to do to spend time with the dad! Plus I didn’t have to pay!!

Look at that bill! :-O (Sorry for the sideways picture. It wouldn’t let me change it.)

I had made plans late last week to hang out with an old high school friend, Nicole. And tonight was the night.

Tonight was also the night my brother was coming into town. But I mean … I get a whole week with him so I went to hang out with Nicole.

I was so full from the buffet and didn’t think I would be able to have that great of a fun.

We met at Baker Street Pub. I ordered a Fat Tire and she a Michealob Ultra. I think that’s how you spell it. (No pictures.:()

It was the first time we both hung out together alone. We always had a friend with us because well … we knew some of the same people despite graduating with 1000+ back in 2007.

We talked about a lot of personal things. And I feel even closer to her. It feels good to trust someone with things you don’t tell people.

While we were there yelling at each other about or problems and happenings, a guy came up to us and asked us if he could buy us a beer. We declined. I’m not use to having people come up to me and do that. I think this would count as the fourth time total? Plus, we both had to drive back home.

Then our waitress kept asking if we needed anything else and we kept saying no. Finally she said if we were sure we didn’t want any shots or beer because the guy had told her that if we ordered something else, he would pay for it.

We kept our word. We gotta drive home, dude! All in all, after a long and tiring week of work, it was good to unwind with Nicole. I’ve missed her so much and it was definitely great to see her again. We’re planning for something next week but it depends on how busy our schedules are.

Before I leave for the night I just wanted to say. I WONT $3!! My mum bought it for me because I always loved scratching those things off. Not really to win money but I think it’s a fun game. I’ve only bought it two other times and this is the first time I’ve ever won! Sweet!

Good night blog world! 🙂

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