No Slacking

Happy end of Fourth of July!!

Did everyone have a good one?!

I know I did! We grilled up a lot of foods.

I ended up eating a hamburger and two hot dogs. Oh vey! Plus a lot of little trees (aka: broccoli), onions, squash, zucchini, etc. Yum!!

Afterward, sissy, brother, Brett, and I played Scattergories. Um .. I suck at this game. I was last place the first time around but we had a rematch and I became second to last. At least I moved up? 😉

But just because it was July Fourth and we had a guest over, it doesn’t mean that I would give up.

I laced up my sucky running shoes and did my C25K: Week 8

Warm up 5, Run 28, Cool down 5

It felt like a really long run. I was starting to feel the tummy ache I felt all weekend but I pushed through. My legs weren’t as tired when I ran but they felt like jelly after.

Plus the weather was yucky. Right when I was telling myself how gross it is outside and how there was no wind, a gust came out of nowhere and stayed til after my cool down.

Thank you Uncle. I think he heard me from up above.

Five more days of running total. I got this!

Night y’all!

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