Wow … work was tough today. A lot of people were out on vacation this week so it was quiet. Picture an Asian girl below but with a lot of work … Man that computer is old.Picture an Asian girl instead and more papers on the table.

I liked it though because I got to learn new things and some were stuff that I love to do!

Some random girl IMed me at work and asked me some questions about her boyfriend who I use to work with. Nothing private. Just work questions. Then we started talking about random things. She and I actually met 3 years ago. I really don’t remember. But then we started talking about health because that’s her major.

Why is a health major working at an oil company? I have no freaking clue.

She’s trying to gain weight whereas I’m trying to lose. Kinda ironic if you ask me.

So I introduced her to blogs and green monsters. I feel very educated, very smart.

My friend, Alyssa, finally put on Facebook that she is engaged. I guess it’s official now. I’m so happy for her. So happy I can’t even explain it.

Two more days of work then it’s the weekend. Thank you Fourth of July! 😀

How was everyone’s Monday Tuesday? With so much work, it flew by!

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