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Today was arguably the longest day ever at work. Knowing that when 4pm hit, it was time to go! I didn’t get to leave by then though so that was a downer in itself.

I got to see one of my co-worker’s kids pictures. He loves taking pictures with his DSLR, which I’m jealous of, and he loves to show them to me! And I love to see them all!!

His kids are the cutest things ever. They have pretty surfer like hair, cute little smiles, button noses, and when the light hits just right, those eyes shine a golden brown. Gorgeous.

I wish if I ever had kids they would look like so.

My mum came home with platters of sushi. Mmm ..

My brother was leaving tonight and so she went out and bought some foods that he likes. On top of this my mum made him a steak.

So I went to take a thirty minute nap and woke up two hours later. Oh vey!

Who has heard of Accidentally On Purpose? I love that show. I just finished the whole season on Netflix. Why did they ever cancel it? 😦

Any recommendations on Netflix?!

Brother just left. Sad. 😦

But it’s the weekend!! Not too sure I have anything planned but any relaxation sounds wonderful.

Hope you all had a good Thursday!! For those that don’t get every other Friday off, work will blow by!! 😉

2 thoughts on “Insert Title Here

  1. That sushi looks good! Don’t you hate when that happens with naps. I can never just sleep for 30 minutes. It always ends up being hours. I’m sure you deserved it though after such a long day! Happy Friday!!!

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