C25K: Week 8 aka: Final Week!

I’m currently typing up this post,

catching up with Ugly Betty Season 4,

and eating the worst blueberry smoothie on the face of the planet.

But because I don’t like to waste food … I’m sucking it all up.

Moving on …

5 Warm Up, 30 Run, 5 Cool Down

Everything seemed to be going well til I got to Run 15. How was I already tired?!

I had to slow down a little which made me pretty sad.

I’m thinking that after C25K, I’m going to keep running the 30 but trying to get more distance.

Mmm … goals. Let’s hope I reach them.

Only two more days!

I have a busy week after work hours. If all goes according to plan, I get to see Alyssa tomorrow, Amanda Thursday, FTK Skype meeting with Ryan Z. Friday, and hang out with Ed and watch Community on Saturday. I have a feeling some things won’t go according to plan but one can hope!

Have a good rest of Monday! 🙂

Likes: Sporks

Have I ever told y’all how much I love sporks?

Well I do.

So very much.

I wish I own one in silverware. Not those throwaway ones made out of plastic, or plastic for that matter.

I want it to last forever.

When Wall-e had the scene where he didn’t know to put it in the spoon pile or fork pile? Genius. It was pretty much the only part I liked about the whole movie. Oh, and when the fat people fell off their thingies.

I can only find the plastic ones from KFC or Taco Bell … which sucks because I don’t go to neither. Someone steal me some and ship it to me? K, thanks.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with this.