Nike Training

Have you ever tried NTC (Nike Training Club)?

I was going to do The Spartacus Workout but all the other workouts loaded but that.

How disappointing. Hopefully it’s just on my side of the world and not everyone elses.

Anyway, I did the Get Strong Beginners Full Action program.

Uhh … 30 minutes long? Sounds easy!

Not … I did 15 minutes and my legs got too sore where it was wobbly and I couldn’t continue.

Obviously I’m not strong at all … but it’s to get strong.

Hopefully I can get through it all.

I sweated more doing this for 15 minutes than my 30 minute runs. How sad.

Has anyone done any Nike Training? … Which one works best for you?!

Catching Up With Old Friends

Well, more like friend.

I finally got to see Alyssa!!

Little background story:

We became friends in Orchestra toward the end of freshman year in high school. Wow … that seems very long ago.

We became really good friends and I thought of her as my best friend in high school.

We went our separate ways three years later for college.

Fast forward four years later and she has graduated, gotten engaged, and gotten into graduate school in Colorado.

How great is her life right now?

Because of the distance, we never got to hang out or talk like we did in high school.

Do I miss it? Of course.

But I understand. We’re all growing up and living our lives.

I still see her as one of my best friends and though we’ve made other best friends in the process, I hope she doesn’t forget about me. If that day ever comes I will be a very, very sad camper.


Just a little secret between you and me, it’s hard for me to trust people so still being friends with her for so many years means a lot to me.

Anyway, we met at Cheddar’s.

Right when I saw her I had excitement running through. All I wanted to do was see the ring …. and the ring is gorgeous! There are a lot of diamonds on it and it blinded my eyes. I know nothing of ring cuts soooo .. I won’t be able to describe it. Plus, she was glowing.

She told me her story of where she got engaged and how Greg planned it all. Her story is not mine to tell but let me just say .. there were 36 red roses, a picnic, and hiking involved.

We caught up and talked about everything from weddings, grad school, and work.

I hope one day her and I will work in the same company if not at least live in the same city so that we can continue our friendship and hang out and have fun.

Greg is a very lucky guy and I am so happy for my friend.

I don’t think she knows how happy I am for her.

Do you have a friend like I do with Alyssa? Are y’all still friends now?

Have you heard of The Spartacus Workout?

It’s from Men’s Health and though I’m not a man I’m thinking of trying it out. It’s 10 different moves that help melt fat and define muscles in your body.

It looks easy but I know once I do it, I’m going to die.

A plus is the model. He is cute! šŸ˜‰

Oh! and you can download it to your iPhone or iTouch for free!! I downloaded it to my iTouch and have hopes of trying it out soon.

It’s the Lite version but it comes with other workouts too. You can always upgrade for a fee but I think I’ll be fine with just that.

Have you tried it? Did you like it? Did you see the difference?

Time to unwind. Another busy day tomorrow at work. Bleugh!

Grow Up, Stupid

Work Story. You ready?

It’s a Melissa-is-stupid-and-needs-to-grow-up kind of story.

AsĀ a paranoid person, every time someone walks by my officeĀ I would glance and see who it is – nosy person perhaps?

And when I turned to see who it was, the cute guy in the office next to mine was walking by.

He was holding onto the right side of his hip/thigh areaĀ and making an excruciating, painful face.

We locked eyes at that moment. It must be embarrassing for him because I don’t think he thought I would be looking up.

I’m guessing he pulled something? Poor kid.

When he walked back he tried to keep his composure but you could see that he was in pain – plus he was limping.

Oh and we exchanged words for the first time. He did say “Sorry” last time he ran into me but no words came out on my end.

This time he opened the door as he was exiting, smiled and held it open for me to enter. I said, “Thank you.” and in reply “No problem.”

Don’t worry. I’m not a flirter. He could be married for all I know. I am not a home-wrecker.

Good news!! I get to see Alyssa, tonight!! I love when plans come into effect and actually happen!! (Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx it!)

We were initially going to talk on the phone or Skype but since she’s in town, she suggested we go out to dinner.

Even better! I get to see her blingĀ blingĀ RING a ding ding in person! šŸ™‚ Happy camper right here!