Grow Up, Stupid

Work Story. You ready?

It’s a Melissa-is-stupid-and-needs-to-grow-up kind of story.

As a paranoid person, every time someone walks by my office I would glance and see who it is – nosy person perhaps?

And when I turned to see who it was, the cute guy in the office next to mine was walking by.

He was holding onto the right side of his hip/thigh area and making an excruciating, painful face.

We locked eyes at that moment. It must be embarrassing for him because I don’t think he thought I would be looking up.

I’m guessing he pulled something? Poor kid.

When he walked back he tried to keep his composure but you could see that he was in pain – plus he was limping.

Oh and we exchanged words for the first time. He did say “Sorry” last time he ran into me but no words came out on my end.

This time he opened the door as he was exiting, smiled and held it open for me to enter. I said, “Thank you.” and in reply “No problem.”

Don’t worry. I’m not a flirter. He could be married for all I know. I am not a home-wrecker.

Good news!! I get to see Alyssa, tonight!! I love when plans come into effect and actually happen!! (Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx it!)

We were initially going to talk on the phone or Skype but since she’s in town, she suggested we go out to dinner.

Even better! I get to see her bling bling RING a ding ding in person! 🙂 Happy camper right here!

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