Random Things During My Day

Breakfast was delicious this morning.

Mmm Peanut butter straight out of the jar.

Just kidding! It’s Overnight OIAJ! I didn’t have milk this time so the oatmeal was a little more hard than soft. Oh well. It was still delicious.

Who else eats breakfast at the workplace?

I like to eat and work at the same time, which I know is bad because I don’t enjoy my foods as much but seriously, I can’t do just one thing.

Green socks with my Sperry’s! So classy at work. I rarely wear the same type of socks so this was surprising to me. Guess sleeping 3 hours makes me more put together.

As always, we had free food at the break room. It was Chinese like this time. Potstickers, white rice, orange dyed rice (don’t know what was going on there), greens, chicken, etc.

I got six potstickers. I already ate some as you can tell before taking the picture. They were DELICIOUS. I have no clue where they bought this but can they order here more often?!

As I was driving home, I saw a lot of clouds. But look how sunny it was!! So freaking hot! Plus I really like this picture.

Then it started to rain while the sun was still shining bright. What is going on Mother Nature? Couldn’t make up your mind?!

Anyway, I got home today, took a ten minute nap then went out to see Amanda. You will hear more about that later.

Til then, it’s time to rest because tomorrow’s Friday!!

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