Little Napoli Italian Cuisine

Last night I met up with Amanda. She said it was to celebrate my belated birthday … back in May.

So after work I went home to do my usual home things then headed out.

And was stuck in traffic 20 minutes longer than I was supposed to.

Sorry Amanda!

We met at:

Little Napoli Italian Cuisine
6445 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX
(713) 266-9999

I checked this place out on and it had horrible ratings. But I wasn’t picky because it was a new place.

They had Garlic Bread | free. Amanda already had some because of my tardiness.

I wasn’t a big fan of the bread. It was burnt on the other side and a little on the chewy, hard side.

Amanda said she liked it but I think she was just hungry waiting for me.

Our meal came with a very simple Salad. It was delicious. Just wished there was more onions. Love onions!

Beef Cannelloni [rolled pasta sheets stuffed with a mixture of ground beef and vegetables and topped with Marinara Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese then baked in the oven] | $9.99.

I’ve never had this before because I usually stick to what I know but we all gotta live so I took the chance. When they first served it I was thinking … what did I order?! But when I took my first bite … OH MY GOODNESS! It was so good! I really want to recreate this and I just might.

Then Amanda told me to pick a dessert but since I’m not a big fan of sweets, I let her pick it.

We went with the Chocolate Mousse | $9.99.

It was soooo good!! The icing was very chocolatey, almost dark chocolate like. For a non-sweets fan myself, I ate my fair share.

This is the first time putting up a picture of someone other than me so hopefully she doesn’t get angry when I decide to share my blog with her and others.

But meet Amanda. Isn’t she cute?!

She was a sweetheart and paid for my meal. Thanks girlie!

Anyway, we talked a lot. We were there for over 2 hours even after we were done eating. We caught up with what has been going on with one another since May and what we see coming up this year. We are looking toward a fun, fun year. Here’s to hoping!!

I had a really good time with her and am so happy I got to see her and catch up.

P.S. I am still sore right now. Love it!