C25K: Last Day


Pretty much my motto now.

I have FINALLY finished my C25K!!


I ran even faster than last time but had to slow it down again at 15 minutes from the pain in the side of my hip.

It’s okay though because I have succeeded!

I have graduated!

For the first time in my life, I am able to run for so long for such a long distance (for me).

I might take a few days to rest so my hip can heal but my goal now is to faster my time.

Maybe one day I will sign up for a 5K. Maybe one day before the year ends.

Here’s to wishful hoping.

After the run I treated myself to a delicious smoothie and watched Beastly!

Beastly: Think of this movie as the classic Beauty and the Beast. I really liked how they made it modern and with humans instead of animation. The movie would be better if Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t in it. Sorry girl but the way you act is pretty much the same in every movie.

But Alex Pettyfer did really well. And he is so cute! Even when he was “ugly”. Can you believe he’s only 21? Only one year younger than me. I can be a cougar. 😉

Now it’s just catching up with blogs and Grey’s Anatomy.

Good night everyone!

6 thoughts on “C25K: Last Day

  1. Vanessa Hudgens needs to work, hahaha. She’s part Filipina though. Her mom’s from the Philippines.

    Oh, the guy’s cute ! Cuter than Hudgen’s ex.I forget – his-name Zefron. ?

  2. CONGRATS!! You must be so proud of yourself, I’ve just finished the week 6 part 3 (25mins) and we have another tommorow, however now I think it’s achievable, amazing how it works isn’t it? Well done again, don’t push yourself too far too soon, Hope your hip is better soon.

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