Lazy Sundays

Actually this whole weekend has been a lazy one for me.

I did nothing all yesterday but sit on my butt and catch up with blogs, work on FTK things, and watch Grey’s Anatomy.

I didn’t even leave the house.

But today I went and had Pho with mum and June.

Then we went to Target and bought a lot of random things. Yay!!

One of the things we bought, body wash, came with a bracelet.

On it it says:

Beauty is a source of self confidence.

Good job, Dove!! I love it.

Bracelets make me happy … if you couldn’t tell.

We also went to Redbox and got two movies.

Morning Glory: Movie about a producer, Rachel McAdams, trying to make ratings better on a morning show. If she doesn’t succeed, the show would be cancelled. She has to work with the most uptight people. Will she make it happen?

I love this movie. I actually didn’t remember I watched it before. It’s funny and you can relate to it if you’re a hardworking person trying your best to make everything work while everyone else is uncooperative.

My mum was awake the whole time for the movie … and that almost never happens.

Little Fockers: Another Focker movie … but with kids. Yet still the same with Greg and Jack fighting.

This one wasn’t as great. I was greatly bored and almost fell asleep. The ending was good though. That’s when some excitement was happening. I think this series should be over with. Hopefully no more will be made.

Jessica Alba has a great body though. Jealous!

Weekend is now over. Good thing I get Friday off!! Whooo! 🙂

Head over to Christina The Athletarian‘s blog for a Road ID giveaway!

Hope your weekend was eventful!!

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