Bucket List

What a horrible start of the week.

What a horrible start to Monday.

I woke up late for work. I got in at 8am instead of my usual 6:30am.

Yes. Super late.

But because we’re a big company, no one really cares if you’re late so as long as you’re here before 9am – I’m assuming – it’s okay.

Anyway, last night I put up my bucket list that I’ve kept for years now. This way, if my laptop ever dies on me, I have it saved. I’ve achieved only 30 or so of the things on that list. How depressing. Hoping this will keep me accountable to actually doing more.

Also I’m debating if I should do my usual runs this week, or take a break because I graduated from C25K.

I’m thinking if I do run, it’ll only be a 30 minute type: 5 warm up, 20 run, 5 cool down. And try to improve on my time.

Then go into some strength traning.

Or maybe vice versa.

I actually went and looked up 5k races coming up but:

  • I’m too afraid to sign up for one in fears I will fail
  • They cost money which I don’t know if I want to pay in case I fail
  • I can’t find one that fits my time and place

Ah, yes. Excuses.

Running a 5k is on my bucket list so I will have to do it one day … hopefully soon.

4 thoughts on “Bucket List

      • When I can’t find anything on Active I look here: http://houstonrunningcalendar.blogspot.com/

        I have a stack of race fliers at home for upcoming races that have been in my bags from the last few races I’ve run, I’ll see if there’s any going on near you 🙂

        And trust me, you can do it! Give yourself a couple more weeks of training if you need to… I “trained” for a 5k for all of 2009 – I was so nervous about signing up for one, but it was fantastic once I finally did!

    • Not sure how to reply to your last one but to do it on this one!! haha

      Thanks for all the information!! I’m hoping I can sign one up before next summer starts. That’s my goal.

      I’m actually going to be in San Antonio most of the time for college but I got home almost once a month so I’m hoping if I can’t find one in Houston, I’ll do one in San Antonio.

      But Houston’s first on my list.

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