Watch For A Giveaway!

I’m almost to the 100th post!!

So watch for a giveaway. It might be sometime next week.

Today is my Friday!! Then I get another Friday tomorrow. 😀

This has been my go to snack recently. It might not be 100% healthy but it’s better than eating all that other junk.

Who else reads when they eat?! 🙂

I’ve already finished one book and already halfway through another one.
I love reading books that is hard to put down.

I’m going to see my former supervisor, Rose, tomorrow!! She gave birth to a baby girl in May and since the baby was a month early, she wasn’t allowed visitors. This makes two girls in their little family.

My now supervisor, Michelle H., will be going to see her too so I’m excited.

Last Sunday I went shopping at Target to buy baby things for when I visited them.

$0?! FREEEE? I love monkeys.

This is what I ended up getting. Little baby tights and 3 for 1 bibs. My mum says they throw up a lot and get soiled fast. Yuck! So she thought it was best to get that.

I’m also thinking of baking something to bring over for them. I don’t want the older sister to get jealous everyone is there for the newborn.

If you have any suggestions for a giveaway, let me know. I have something in mind but it’s not set in stone yet.

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