Their Loss

Empty Wallets

What does one do when an email pops up saying there’s a sale going on?

No … not clothes. I never seem to want to splurge on clothes.

Barnes and Nobles sent me an email saying they’re having a sale.

I had to get on it! I ended up getting 8 MORE fictional books and my mum picked out 6 cookbooks.

I feel it was a very good deal since mine were mostly $1.99-2.99. I would say those cookbooks were killer in our wallets but much needed (in our world).

This is sad. Someone save us! We are pretty much putting all our money in books.

Upside was free shipping. 😉

Giveaway Thoughts

I’m happy with how my first Giveaway‘s going. Don’t forget to enter!! It ends July 29th (Friday) at 12pm!

Putting up the giveaway, I told myself that if only the three people I had in mind entered, it was better than nothing. And that if it goes well, more giveaways were a must! I’m so happy that it has been more than three people! So things seem to be going really well!

I actually reached the most views I’ve ever had yesterday but sadly they didn’t enter the giveaway. Their loss, right?


If I’ve never told you before, I’ll tell you this now. I have a lot of networking sites. This site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Lately I stopped using certain networks as much like Facebook or Tumblr.

Ever since I started reaching out to other bloggers in June, I got so into the blogging world I just feel I don’t have time with any other networks.

It was brought to my attention when some friends commented or texted saying why I was never online anymore. Whoops …

I should manage my time better or else I will have no friends when I’m offline!

How do you manage your time?!

2 thoughts on “Their Loss

  1. I found that when I first started blogging I had the same situation. Although for me, I was OK with it. I was hardly ever on FB anymore because I was always blogging or blog reading. I still go on FB less, but this was something I wanted to get away from anyway. I just make sure I do the stuff I “need” to do before I start the blog stuff.

    P.S. I am so glad your giveaway turned out better than you thought, mine did too! It’s also my first giveaway and I am excited to pick a winner tomorrow. I seriously can’t wait to find out your results too!!

    • Ahh! Your comment just made my day!! Let’s just say some people have some very drama filled FB wars and I got tired of seeing it pop up on my news feed. I’m excited to see who you pick as well! (:

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