You Again

I’ve been trying hard to get done using the computer by 10pm the latest and lately I’ve been on point.

Yesterday, I ended up using it til 9:40ish pm. Accomplishment? Check!

But I did watch a movie off of Netflix!!

I have been on a movie watching galore. I just can’t help it!

You Again: A girl’s (Kristen Bell’s character) brother is about to marry her high school rival. The one that taunt her and made her life a living hell. Soon to find out, their mum and aunt were exactly the same. Still fighting like they were back in high school, will the marriage follow through?

I really liked this movie. I don’t know what I would do if that happened to me but I’m happy to know that my brother is dating someone who never tormented me. If he did I think I would never hang out with them. I can hold some long grudges depending on what you do to me.


I need to start running again. I’ve been doing some ab workouts but uhh … I don’t see results. Either it takes time or my abs really like to hibernate.

Before I log off I just want to congratulate my friend, Nicole! She got a teaching job right here in Katy!! After all those teachers getting fired at the end of the year, I’m glad she found one! I knew she would. She’s a smart cookie! Those elementary kids are lucky to have her!

Anyone know any workouts I can do other than running? Enough to up my cardio and not boring? hehe

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