Capture That Dream

If you follow me on Twitter, you can hear me talk about FTK a lot.

FTK: For The Kids

is an organization that helps promote pediatric cancer. We do events in hopes of collecting donations so we can find a cure.

I’ve been coming up with logo ideas for this year’s theme as well as other people. Our theme is

“Capture That Dream”

and I always keep my work to myself as well as the other people I work with. But I was so surprised when one of the girl’s who I didn’t know was helping out put up her idea for everyone in our organization to see.

I was saddened to see that we had the same idea. So I texted our main guy and asked if he wanted us to put ours up too since he never said to and he said more the merrier. So … up they went. I only had three ideas and obviously they are not amazing ones. I’ve been thinking about them all summer and had them in hand. Thought to share them with y’all too.

What do you think? Any ideas come to mind when you hear Capture That Dream? ** Keep in mind these are rough drafts. So rough you can sand down wood with them.

Kids frolicking in the meadow catching butterflies. Bright and happy. There is a cloud in the back because they remind me of dreams.

I think this one is quite hideous out of the bunch. But these are kids on the cloud grabbing a star or stars if you want. I’m not that big of a fan of this but it was just an idea.

This is my fave. It most likely won’t be our logo but I am hoping they will want to use this for the words portion of it. A “C” in form of a dream catcher.

It’s a long shot they will use any of this and I have a feeling I’ll be saddened if that is the truth … but what can you do.

I’ll be putting up the recipes of the desserts I made and what I thought about them in the future post. Keep a look out! 🙂