Me, Me, Me

Today was a me day. The only day I did not scheduled anything to do ie hang out with friends.


I started off with a Green Tea Frap, no whip. Mmm, yum. Then I headed off to Khol’s.


I didn’t tell you guys that at Amanda’s birthday, I broke my purse. I was really sad because it was the first purse I picked out myself and paid for it myself. But what can you do …

Well .. what I can do is go out and buy a new one. Hehe


Te gusta? Me gusta mucho. It’s not as great as the Relic brand up above but I guess Apt 9 is okay. Not as much pockets but a little bigger and flatter.


I also got two flow-y tops. So cute!! Since I don’t like my arms, I can wear a little cardigan or cover up so all is good. I am aiming for more girlie tops and less t-shirts though that’ll always be what I love. But can’t wear those in the office or out out. You know?


I went to Office Depot on a prowl for a new planner for the academic year. I am a nerd. I can never find one I like. This was the closest one … and it cost $20+. Ugh … better be worth it.


It was not worth it ……………………. I had to go back and get a new one. The one I bought previously had the dates all incorrectly put together. WHAT?! Check your work DayMinder. I switched and got a DayRunner. Hopefully I won’t run into any trouble. Because it’s the same price, they let me change it for a new one. Hassle Hassle.

*****END EDIT******


Then I had a very unhealthy meal …. I couldn’t finish it all and threw away a lot of it. A waste of money!

I really need to jump back on running and after eating that … I know for sure I have to. Yucky Yuck. I feel like throwing up! It rhymed!