Le Mistral

***Caution: Long post but filled with pictures.***

Today was Mummy and Me day!

Ah yes, we are cool.


I have wanted to do Houston Restaurant Weeks for the longest time. I think I’ve done the dinner at a restaurant once or twice but I don’t remember it so I don’t count it.

For those that don’t know what it is, HRW is planned by volunteers so that 100% of the funds are donated to the Houston Food Bank. $20 for lunch where $3 per lunch is donated. $35 for dinner where $5 are donated.

Eating for a cause? Sounds good to me.

Since my Mum took the day off from work to hang out with me, I decided on lunch at one of the HRW restaurants.


Le Mistral
1400 Eldridge Pkwy
Houston, TX 77077
(832) 379-8322

Isn’t the front door GORGEOUS?!

The menu for HRW lunch is a 3 course.


Bread & Butter | free

It’s a special type of butter. Not the usual ones you get. It was very easy to spread. The bread was cold but so soft on the inside with a hard outer. Delicious.



I thought this was a trashcan.

My mum’s reply?

Why would they put a trashcan on the table in a high class place. Touché, mum, touché.




My mum and I each ordered something from ever single course and decided to try each other’s dishes. Mmm, six dishes total to try? I’m down! The first dishes of each course is my mum’s and the one following are mine. Just FYI.Winking smile

1st Course:


Crostini de Rillette de Canard {duck rillette crostini, arugula salad, extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette}

I was not a fan of the arugula salad. I don’t think I like arugula to begin with. My mum loved it though. I had half of the duck rillette crostini. Mmm … I wish I had more. It was delicious. The crostini was crunchy hard and the duck rillette was so soft and creamy. I would go back just to order this. My mum has asked me to go online and look for a recipe. That’s how good it was.


Carpaccio de Jambon de Parme, Melon et Mozzarelle {Parma prosciutto Carpaccio, melon, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, cracked black pepper}

There was a LOT of olive oil on this sucker. I think I could do with a little less. I rolled up the prosciutto with the mozzarella and melon inside. It mixed together so well! The melon was so sweet and the prosciutto was so salty. Such a good mix. The mozzarella made it so smooth and gave me the melt in your mouth feeling.

2nd Course:


Bavette de Boeuf en Persillade {pan-seared hanger steak en persillade, shallot confit, dauphine potatoes, garlic confit romano beans}

My mum loved the beans and wouldn’t share it with me.Crying face So I’m not sure how it tastes. Must be delicious! She was not a fan of the steak. She said it had a taste like the weird taste lamb has. I didn’t mind it and loved it. She got it well done but I think if it was medium rare, it would have been even tastier. The potatoes are to die for! TO DIE! Mushy insides filled with potatoes and the outside is crunchy! Mmmm … I love potatoes.


Gnocchis de Pommes de Terre {homemade potato gnocchi, pesto sauce, heirloom tomato coulis, shaved aged parmasen}

I have always wanted to try the gnocchi but always got scared that I wouldn’t like it. Verdict? It wasn’t anything special. It was mushy but good. I didn’t hate it and won’t be scared to order it anymore. My mum ate most of it since I took most of her beef. I really liked the coulis. I never like tomato sauce that looks like that because it feels so bitter so many times but this was very good and paired up nicely with the gnocchi.

3rd Course:


Truffe au Chocolat Valrhona {Colossal valrhona chocolate truffle, chilled espresso sauce, almond orange tuile}

Um, can I just say how cute the plate is?! I loved the tuile! I’ve always wanted to make it but it seems so hard. I heard it was easy to burn? The truffle was very chocolatey! VERY! My mum wasn’t a big fan nor was I because we’re not the sweets eating type of people but I liked it. It was very smooth, dark, delicious.


Fraises Matinées au Sauternes {strawberries marinated in sauternes wine, cracked Szechuan pepper, crème fraiche ice cream}

I told my mum to get this but she insisted on the truffle because of the espresso sauce. I ordered this because I knew she will love it. I was correct. When we got our desserts, she said that she was afraid because I had to drive and it had wine in it. She’s so cute. It was so good and she loved it so much I gave it all to her. The crème fraiche was smooth and creamy. The wine sauce was sweet. (I’m not a fan of wine.) And the strawberries, some were tart but it went all so well together.

I was so full after we were done which was surprising because our family eats a lot. So that’s how French people stay so thin! Little portions with lots of courses. CHECK!

It was $20 per person so I thought it was super worth it. My mum have already stated she wants to go to more of these places once in a while. Agreed!


My mum already stated she wanted to go to Central Market after lunch so I looked up the place. It was our first time there and it was so much fun! It’s like Whole Foods!!


                                                                                                            This is the loot we got back!


Read that sign! Buy One, Get One Free on PB&Co. Plus on 2 of them, it has a $0.55 off coupon! So 4 jars for $8.48. Go get yours!! It’s the one on Westheimer!!

They don’t expire til 2013 so I think it’s worth it. Plus I know I’ll finish them all way before then. I got one of every flavor. The maple one, honey one, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Mmm.

On top of that we got 2 cake tester sticks, banana chips, wasabi peas, Stoneyfield Vanilla Yogurt, Beef Fajita Seasoning, some other kind of seasoning.


A little while ago I met up with Nicole at Chick-fil-a. She was leaving to Lubbock later tomorrow for a wedding weekend and wanted to see me before I left for San Antonio.


Mmm .. fatass right here. I got a vanilla milkshake since I’ve never tried one here before, medium fries, and ketchup!

The milkshake was okay. I know now I’m not a fan. For the fries, I use to LOVE LOVE LOVE them but they’re just blah now. But I love the ketchup!! It’s so cute. Tear the top to squeeze, tear the side to dip. Genius to whoever invented this. Can someone snag me some? I want to have a handful at hand … always!

When we left, Nicole asked if we were going to take a picture together and I said that I looked gross. Then she made fun of me for taking pictures of the food but not people. So … here’s a really gross picture of me and the beautiful Nicole.


We’ll keep it tiny.Smile with tongue out


I was suppose to wash and pack all my clothes today but … time got the best of me. Now all I want to do is rest. But I know I can’t. I guess I’ll clean the room up a bit before bed.

Night y’all!

5 thoughts on “Le Mistral

  1. wow all of the food in this post is making my stomach GROWL insanely loud! what a fun lunch date with your mom. that’s a bummer that the gnocchi wasn’t great…it’s usually one of my favorite indulgences. glad you had fun 🙂

  2. You make me feel like I need to travel around Houston more. I didn’t even know we had a HRW at all haha! Maybe Josh and I can go to that fancy restaurant for a date night 🙂 Are they vegetarian friendly? I noticed all the courses (except dessert) had meat.

    • I’m not sure if it is vegetarian friendly. I have a big gut feeling it’s not. My sissy is vegetarian and the menu for HRW there didn’t have anything vegetarian so she didn’t go. Maybe try another HRW restaurant! They have a lot!! (:

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