Mama Spoon

Yesterday I moved into my new apartment for my last year of college (hopefully).

I’ve realized writing new posts and staying healthy is going to be a challenge but I’ll try my hardest to do it!

I need to find new running grounds. I know everyone that is in college go to the rec but I just don’t feel comfortable. I might try it out but if it’s too hard or I feel uncomfortable, I’ll invest time to look for a gym.


You can’t see much of my new room but I’m sitting here eating my smoothie with my Mama Spoon. That’s what the company that made it called it. It’s so big!! I love it!Rolling on the floor laughing


This had nothing to do with anything but I ate a really big breakfast. Whoops.

Spinach & Eggs. Turkey Links. Whole Wheat With PB&Co.

I’m a little scared to put this up there because some people will judge me for eating so much unhealthy foods. Oh well.

Reason was because I woke up early and had a lot of errands to run and knew I wouldn’t be able to eat til 6pm. Ahh college life. I need to not fall back in that routine so I bought some snacks while I was out for the future.

Right now it’s just me and another girl, Jenny, my brother’s girlfriend’s sister living with me. We love it so much more than last year.

We had a really terrible roommate and one good one and at the end, it just ended bad because the terrible one wouldn’t cooperate.

Whatever. Done deal. They still live in the same place which is down the hallway from us but we’ll survive. We just hate when she’s loud and we can hear her voice. Grossness to the x factor … whatever that means.


Today was the first day of Leadership Challenge Retreat. At 5pm, I headed on campus. FTK was having a dinner with Santa Rosa representatives that supports FTK and the families with children who has/had cancer.

Somehow I got on serving duty. Beans and rice? Beans and rice?

It was great seeing everyone again.

Tomorrow will be our 2nd day and our last. I’m excited. But it sounds tiring. It’ll be from 8am – 5 pm. Eeek.

It feels weird to be back but I’m excited to kick off my last year of college.

School starts Wednesday for me but I only have one class that day so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Time to relax. Byeeee!

2 thoughts on “Mama Spoon

  1. that’s exciting that you’re in your last year – i was so ready to be done when i was in mine. i think that you’ll find that people are way more accepting then you’d think about trying to be healthy – college is where i started my journey towards being a more healthy person and my main motivation to go to the gym was that my best friend always went with me and my old roomie was always up for making healthy choices at the dining hall, etc. not to mention, since it’s the start of a new school year it can be the start of a new you too! and i feel ya on the whole rec center vs. gym thing – i got a gym membership at a smaller gym in town and worked out there – less crowded, never felt judged, etc.

    anyway if you ever need any support or need to complain or anything like that just shoot me an email 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!

    • Ahh thank you!! it was just what I needed to hear. I have a big feeling I’m going to be finding a gym other than the rec. I’m trying to find a trail right now but they’re either really far away or … not safe. haha Thank you for always being there!! You’re the best! (:

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