Just a Bunch of Gibberish

Crap … someone found me by typing in “wordpress cripple15”.Baring teeth smile I hope it’s not anyone I know in real life because I certainly was not ready to share with you. Plus in a way, it’s an invasion of privacy because I didn’t tell you my site for a reason. If you’re the one that found me, have the guts to tell me. kthanks!

Anyway, my internet has been out at the apartment. Fantastic right?

It finally got fixed today. Yippie!!

I have decided to start working out again next week. Though I might not be able to start running I’ll do the Supersets that are featured in the Fitness Magazine. It seems simple but I know once I do it, it’ll be so hard I can’t breathe!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

So I’ve gone to four classes already. Tomorrow will be my lab class. And I know someone in all of them so that’s always a happy feeling.Open-mouthed smile

I’m a bit excited for this weekend because I have lunches and dinners set up. Yay!

So yeah. Nothing much is going on with me.

I’m excited for football season! I found out the guy I think is very cute is only a sophmore … and has a girlfriend. Eeek.Smile with tongue out Oh, and he has the whitest name ever!Flirt male

I enjoyed a Magnum Double Chocolate tonight after dinner.

I already ate it all before I could take a picture so here’s one off the net!

Yummy right?


Last day of class tomorrow before the weekend!! Yay!

Hope you all are doing well with work and what not. I kind of miss the work aspect of my life.


3 thoughts on “Just a Bunch of Gibberish

  1. I’m confused on how cripple15 is you haha? But I don’t like people that I know in real life to find my blog either. Specially because mines really personal. First people from school find it than my parents…Then no more privacy 😦

    • well it’s my twitter name. and when you make a wordpress you have to make up a username and I went with cripple15. could have been a bad move on my part? haha but yeahh .. I want to share with friends one day but not til I’m ready you know? If they were true friends, they would respect my wishes. Ugh … I just wished I knew who it was.

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