Oh, Tonight, We’re Gonna Set The World On Fire

That song has been stuck in my head for a good week now. It’s such a sweet, sweet song. I LOVE duets!

Anyway, I broke my own promise to not buy books for a while. Books like non-school related books. WHOOPS!


I ended up buying 13 books for $48.55. Not too bad if you ask me. It said I saved $50.93 meaning if I had bought these without the sale from Borders, I would be dang poor.

I have realized I’ll rather buy books than clothes. Eeep. That’s not too good. I think people are starting to notice my closet is only t-shirts that you either get for free or from school activities.Embarrassed smile



I opened up a Baked Flatbread crisps: Four Cheese as a snack. I had a feeling this would be my least favorite out of all the other ones. It smells very cheesy which gets me very queasy and it tastes super cheesy! Surprisingly, it’s not bad at all. Quite delicious! The queasy feeling is gone.

You don’t even need dip for this!! It has enough flavor to hold it’s own!

So far, everything about Flatout Bread has got my heart!


There’s a pool party at my apartment going on right now. And I live right next to the pool … like I can see the pool from here. Bleugh! They have speakers everywhere! I don’t know how Jenny sleeps through this!



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