Gross x Infinity

I read somewhere on Tumblr that a girl lost 40 pounds in one month? And people are praising her. I’m sorry, but to me, 40 pounds in one month is … unhealthy.

And I see a lot of pictures of girls with their bones popped out of their body on Tumblr, and getting worshiped. To me, that’s sickening.

I know they might be in their healthy range but to me it’s kind of disturbing.

Plus, I know a lot of younger people are on Tumblr and they’re not getting the right images in their head. They grow up believing bones showing is healthy and that losing 40 pounds a month is healthy … and that is not the case at all.

I do want to get to my healthy weight but if it means my bones will be showing everywhere, I rather not. I don’t want to puncture someone if I accidentally bump into them.

Maybe you guys will say I’m jealous but I don’t want to look that way … ever.

Healthy weight with a little meat on my bones please & thank you.

Back to reading my Business Law book and taking notes! Whoo!Confused smile


I just took a shower so my hair is all bleugh! But seriously … how thick can that book be?! Ridiculous.