Gross x Infinity

I read somewhere on Tumblr that a girl lost 40 pounds in one month? And people are praising her. I’m sorry, but to me, 40 pounds in one month is … unhealthy.

And I see a lot of pictures of girls with their bones popped out of their body on Tumblr, and getting worshiped. To me, that’s sickening.

I know they might be in their healthy range but to me it’s kind of disturbing.

Plus, I know a lot of younger people are on Tumblr and they’re not getting the right images in their head. They grow up believing bones showing is healthy and that losing 40 pounds a month is healthy … and that is not the case at all.

I do want to get to my healthy weight but if it means my bones will be showing everywhere, I rather not. I don’t want to puncture someone if I accidentally bump into them.

Maybe you guys will say I’m jealous but I don’t want to look that way … ever.

Healthy weight with a little meat on my bones please & thank you.

Back to reading my Business Law book and taking notes! Whoo!Confused smile


I just took a shower so my hair is all bleugh! But seriously … how thick can that book be?! Ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “Gross x Infinity

  1. You make it out to be as though tumblr is full of noting but unhealthy weight loss blogs… There are a ton of healthy ones as well. I’ve seen my fair share of thinspo blogs as we call them, but there’s probably just as many if not more fitspo and proud blogs. It is horrible that people make blogs and get praised for their ED’s though =/

    • Oh girl, I’m sorry! I don’t mean to be putting down ALL Tumblrs. I am just talking about some of them that do, do that. Sorry if I offended you! I wasn’t talking about yours by any means. I have a Tumblr too but I haven’t really used it as much. I use it to put up random things I see. haha

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