Fun Friday

I went to my Finance lab today (Friday) and my oh my it was BORING!

If you don’t know the basics to excel and you’re a business major … it’s not acceptable. Especially because we all grew up with computers and internet.

I’m mean, I know.


I went home and cleaned a little then headed back on campus for the two hour weekly FTK (For The Kids) meeting. This was our first official Friday weekly meeting. We got A LOT of things accomplished so that’s good.

Went home and relaxed for literally two seconds, and Travis and A.V. came banging on my door. We headed back to campus to pick up Maira and we headed to H-E-B.

Maira and I had planned to do dinner at my place for today and decided we should invite Travis and A.V. Bought our ingredients and made our foods. It was a pretty long process but I had fun. I hope they did too.


Spaghetti (the pasta) made by Travis. The pasta sauce by Maira. Chicken Parmesan by Maira and A.V. and I. And raw spinach. Whoops. Apparently I didn’t help much but I was washing everything that came into the sink.

A clean kitchen is a happy Melissa. When I eat at someone’s house, I end up helping clean up and washing dishes and stuff. I just don’t like when a kitchen is messy. It grosses me out. But a lot of times, they kick me out. At least I try, right?

The food was so yummy! We couldn’t finish any of the foods we made. We made too many. When you’re at Melissa’s, there’s always leftovers.


Maira and I made the cupcakes. Chocolate to be exact. Maira, Travis, and A.V. slathered colored vanilla frosting on top while I washed the rest of the dishes.


See! Hard at work. They might get angry I put their picture up here. Whoops.


This was the only cupcake I frosted. Pretty?Winking smile Just plain vanilla frosting with blue sprinkles.


We all frosted this one. Cutes? Yeah … it’s pretty ugly.

Afterward, we watched Hot Tub Time Machine. I didn’t like it the first time I watched it but this time around, it wasn’t as terrible. Kind of funny actually. Guess the people you watch it with makes all the difference.

Sadly I didn’t get to do my Superset 3. I will make it up tomorrow when I do Superset 4. Promise! My arms and tummy feels like it did work from Wednesday. That has to count for something right?

Tomorrow (Saturday) is UTSA’s first ever Football game! I have to wake up at 6:30am and head to campus to meet some friends, get to the Alamodome by 8 am and set up for tailgating. I have to work the first one for FTK. Ahh excitingness!Surprised smileOpen-mouthed smileSmileRolling on the floor laughing

Time to relax until I fall asleep.

I hope your week went well!!